friday things.

friday things

-This article from New York Mag’s The Cut on mistakes made while high on Taylor Swift. We’ve all been there. (I may or may not be wearing cat ear RIGHT MEOW. Meaning, I am totally wearing cat ears right meow. #halloween)

-This Buzzfeed list of what Jane Austen character Tinder profiles would be like amused me. (Hint: Mary’s from Pride & Prejudice is awesome.)

-Elle UK got a whole bunch of your favorite actor dudes (Read: Hiddles, JGL, Cumberbatch( together to talk about feminism and took photos of them wearing a truly awesome shirt. Related and spoilerish: Elijah on this week’s The Originals says “As a devout feminist I will not say you punch like a girl.” It is wonderful. God bless those writers.

-And, because it’s Halloween, here is The Monster Mash. Because I love it so.

-And, also because it’s Halloween, the opening song from The Sing-Off a couple years ago because it is THE BEST.


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NaNoWriMo 2014, Here I Come! + Some Word Sprinting Tips

Ah, November.

It’s full of crisp days (at least, in the U.S.) and preparing for Thanksgiving (again, at least, in the U.S.) and dudes growing out moustaches and lots of novelists racing to write 50,000 words by the end of the month.

I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo for the last three years, and y’all, the struggle is real. Writing 50,000 words in a month is not an easy feat—and that much harder when you have a full-time job that isn’t writing, holiday plans, and any semblance of a social life.

In fact, I wasn’t going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I just participated in Camp NaNoWriMo in July (same idea, slightly different rules) and then I moved to Singapore and I just finished drafting a WIP I had started a couple years ago and had set aside and am in the middle of revising a novella and the WIP I just drafted, so I thought, ‘Maybe I need a bit of a brain break.’

And then this morning I thought, “No. No brain breaks. Write all the things!”

Though I’m jumping into this year’s NaNoWriMo head first, I’m guessing many of you are not.

Because you are smarter and wiser and better than me.

And I’m guessing that there are some of you out there who are new to NaNoWriMo and looking for some advice. So, here is mine.

Erin Brown’s Handy-Dandy NaNoWriMo Tips: 

  • Don’t think, just write:  Write whatever comes into your head. It doesn’t have to be sequential, it doesn’t have to be perfect, hell, it doesn’t even have to make sense. Just sit down and write. Get the words out of your head and in your manuscript. Deal with making the words into readable sentences later. If there’s a typo, fix it later. If you can’t remember a character’s name write THAT CHARACTER WHOSE NAME I CAN’T REMEMBER and keep going. If you get stuck, write yourself a note that says FINISH THIS LATER, then abandon that scene and move on. Don’t let yourself get bogged down. Just. Write.
  • Don’t go back and edit: This is the hardest thing for me to do. I love revising. Revising is the best. But if I stop drafting and go back to read what I wrote the day or week before, I’ll start revising. And that is a black hole. If i start revising before I’ve finished drafting, it will take me YEARS to finish drafting. (This happened to me with Taking Flight. And though I’m happy with how that book turned out, if I had never started revising while drafting, it would’ve taken half the time to finish it.)
  • Don’t let yourself feel like a failure: If you don’t hit your daily word count or if you don’t hit your overall word count goal, THAT’S OKAY. I promise. You haven’t failed. You haven’t let anyone down. What you’ve done is started writing a freaking book. And that is something to be proud of, no matter how many words you end up with.
  • Don’t take everyone’s advice: If you’re reading these tips and thinking, “This isn’t how my brain works. This will never work for me,” that’s totally fine! Writing is a very personal, personalized thing. For example, I tend to be a pantser (someone who doesn’t really outline) and I write from beginning to end. Most writers I know do not write this way and cannot wrap their brains around how I write like this. But I can’t figure out how they write out of sequence—that makes my brain hurt. So whatever works for you, do it. Find your groove. Find your stride. And go.

For those curious Taking Flight and Making Headlines readers, here’s a little visual sneak peek of what I’m working on.
Adam & Courtney's Story, Y'all!I know. I’m excited about it. And I hope you are, too!

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo and want to be my writing buddy, feel free to add me by clicking here.

Happy Novel Writing Month, everyone!

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friday things.

friday things


-Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

loooooooved this book. The writing is gorgeous, the characters are so much fun, the main character, Reagan, is hysterical, and it’s a road trip book, a contemporary slow-burn romance, and a book about teenage celebrities. Basically, it’s everything. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend!

-Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Black Widow on a motorcycle that drops out of a jet!!!!

This io9 shot-by-shot breakdown is cool and exciting and illuminating, for those of you who are interested in nerding out.

-A Thank You

I wanted to quickly give a huge Internet hug to all of the book bloggers who participated in the Making Headlines blog tour. I’ve been floored by the love and support you’ve shown for this book and my writing. It means the world to me that anyone reads my books and to have so many people feature excerpts, playlists, and dream casts, post reviews, and generally hype my writing is the most warm and fuzzy feeling ever.

Thank you so, so, so much.

I hope you’re all having a great Friday and have an amazing weekend full of books, Taylor Swift songs, blanket scarves, and pumpkin flavored desserts ahead of you!



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friday things.

friday things

“Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift

When I first heard this, I wasn’t really into it. (Idk.)

Then it got stuck in my head.

And now I’m obsessed with it.

-The Vampire Academy Books 

So, this series has been on my radar for a long time and on my library hold list FOREVER because everyone else in the world wants to read them as well.

But I finally got them from the library and the timing is really good because I just finished a first draft and needed to decompress for Drafting Madness. So, naturally, I read all six in three days. Because these books put the main character through the freaking ringer. And because DIMITRI. HOLY BAZOO. And because Richelle Mead is a badass author. (Related: Gameboard of the Gods is super crazy good, if you’re at all interested in reading her non-YA stuff).

But, because I zoomed through these books, I now have a bit of a book hangover and don’t know what to do with myself. I wish there were book hangover aspirin.

-A to Z 

This show, about a relationship that we’re told  lasts for a very specific amount of time in the intro, is adorable and the character Stu might be my spirit animal. It stars Ben Feldman (Michael Ginsberg from Mad Men, or if you’re like me you know him as Adam Forrest from The Perfect Man, starring Hilary Duff) and Cristin Miloti (The Mother from HIMYM), who are just the cutest. So, if you’re looking for a fun, quirky, romantic comedy, this is it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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friday things.

friday things


Ed Sheeran

I’ve really been digging on Mr. Sheeran’s music this week.


-This Rick Ross Remix of “Don’t”

IT’S UNCENSORED! Ed Sheeran, dropping f-bombs like he just don’t care! IT’S GLORIOUS. The radio version of this song bugs me because I find his breathing when he should be dropping f-bombs more distracting than an f-bomb would be. So this is pretty much my everything, is what I’m saying.

-His Cover of My Beloved Hozier‘s “Take Me to Church”

I mean, it’s not the original. But it ain’t bad.

-The Video for “Thinking Out Loud”

I love him for doing this.

CW Television is Back!
Everyone together now: Praise baby Jesus.

Watching Daniel Gillies as Elijah, looking so amazingly scruffy and dapper while killing people and then cleaning blood off his hands as he intimidates and threatens assholes is a gift to us all.

And Damon Salvatore being the fall man of our collective dreams and wearing flannel and making pancakes with vampire fangs.
I mean. Come on.
-Making Headlines is finally on sale!
Woo! It’s here! It’s live! You can read it TODAY!
Cover design by Paige Doscher

Cover design by Paige Doscher

For those of you who are new here, Making Headlines is a book that I wrote! It’s about college and a sexy scandal and smart, funny ladies and sleuthing! And there are a couple scenes that take place at a lake! And several at college football tailgates!

If you’re thinking, “Hmm, that sounds like it might be okay. Maybe.”, I feel you. I often don’t want to spend money on a book if I’m on the fence about it. So! What I do, and what you can do too, is go to your online book seller and download a sample fo’ free! And then you can read the sample and you’ll obviously want to read more after reading the sample, at which point you will buy the book for the very reasonable price of $2.99. And you will feel fiscally responsible because you know you bought something you enjoy, you supported an indie author (i.e., me), and you got a book for cheaper than you can eat pretty much anywhere.

Go team!

And those are my Friday things! Happy Friday everyone!

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Making Headlines Is On Sale Now!


Cover design by Paige Doscher

Cover design by Paige Doscher

You can find it at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and Smashwords!

I’m so so so excited that Sophie and Luke’s story is out in the world and that all of you can hang out with them and get to know them!

I had a blast writing Making Headlines during NaNoWriMo last November and I hope that you have a blast reading it. If you do, please consider leaving a review or a rating (or both!) on your e-tailer’s website—reader reviews really do help authors, especially indie authors, sell books!

Alright, enough of that.

Now, let’s dance.

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friday things.

friday things

- All of the Gilmore Girls Love This Week

Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time fave shows and it seems that ALL OF THE INTERNET celebrates it’s release on Netflix this week. The piece I had the most fun reading was this one, from Buzzfeed, where one of their TV writers listed his nearly 300 thoughts while watching the first season. It is v. enjoyable.

-Stephenie Meyer, Doing Awesome Things

So, Twilight was a thing. A big, big, huge, enormous, freaking thing. And everyone has their own opinion on it, which is totally fine. This week, it was announced that the author, Stephenie Meyer, in association with Lionsgate, who distributed the Twilight films, and Facebook, will be reviving Twilight as short films released to Facebook.

Okay, weird, you say? Here’s the awesome part. These short films will be directed by women and the women who direct the films will be chosen and mentored by awesome Hollywood ladies, including Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart, Catherine Hardwicke, Julie Bowen, and Jennifer Lee, among others. YAY AWESOME LADIES EMPOWERING AWESOME LADIES TO DO AWESOME THINGS.

-Milo Greene’s New Song, “White Lies” Does Not Offend ME

-Pizza Hut Is Bringing Back Book It!

But only in the U.S. Where I do not live any longer. Harrumph.


And Happy October 3rd!


Making Headlines by Erin Brown


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Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {4}

Here we are.

One week before the publication date. (Aka, the date all of you lovelies FINALLY get to read Making Headlines.) 

Which obviously means it’s time for the sexy teaser.

I’m not going to ramble on too much because I know that you’re like, SEXY TEASER NOW, AUTHOR LADY.

So here it is.



He crosses the room to me in two steps and cups my face with his hands. Without saying anything, he leans down and kisses me softly. He runs his hands down my back, deepening the kiss. I focus on my feelings for him, block out my brain, and match his intensity. My hands go to his hips, my right thumb sneaking under his shirt and tracing circles on his skin. He makes a sound in the back of his throat and kisses me harder. I finally feel my mind getting lost in his kiss, my body melting into his.

“I want you,” he says gruffly.

“So have me.”


Feel free to share this image!

If you’d like to read more, the first two chapters are available NOW on Wattpad!

Add Making Headlines on Goodreads.

Pre-order your copy today for Kindle, Nook, and iPad!

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TAKING FLIGHT Is Only .99 Cents!

For one week only TAKING FLIGHT is .99 cents!


You can read Willa and Dan’s story for less than one dollar before MAKING HEADLINES comes out on 10/7!

That’s cheaper than anything on a fast food dollar menu.

So, let yourself INDULGE in a cheap book instead of fries, is what I’m saying.

Or buy both TAKING FLIGHT and fries. I won’t judge.

TAKING FLIGHT, available now for only .99 cents on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

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Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {3}

Bonjour, mes amis et bienvenue a le troisième, uh, teaser for Making Headlines!

(I’ve been practicing my French. Because now that I live in a country that is not the U.S., I feel like I should know another language. French is the best I’ve got. Unfortunately, I took four years in college and still speak it like a toddler. Le sigh.)

In today’s teaser, you get to meet Emma Farrell, one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. She’s a photographer, she has many a tattoo, and she likes to change her hair color on a weekly basis.

She is much, much cooler and ballsier than I will ever be, is what I’m saying.

You also get to hang out with Willa from Taking Flight for a brief moment (She was mentioned very vaguely in the first teaser I posted), which means that, yes, Willa and Dan are both in Making Headlines!

So, for those of you who read Taking Flight and were like, “Good book and all, but WHAT?” at the end, you’ll get your answer. Whether or not it’s the answer you’re hoping for . . . *smiles wickedly*

Okay, I’ll shut up now so you can get to the teaser.

I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!

(Also, OMG Making Headlines comes out in TWO WEEKS!)


When Willa and I arrive at the tailgate, my eyes involuntarily begin searching for Luke. I see him in line for food with Emma.

“I’ll go say hi to my dad and find you in a bit,” Willa says, winking at me.

I head toward the food, my stomach growling violently as I get closer to it.

“Hey guys,” I say as I get in line behind Emma and Luke.

“Well hello there, my little gumshoe,” Emma exclaims before hugging me. I catch Luke’s eye and he smiles slowly, making me want to climb him in front of everyone here. That damn smile of his is going to be the death of me.

“How’d you sleep?” he asks quietly as I pile my plate high with food.

 “Best rest of my life. You?”


 We head over to one of the tables set up under the tent and I dig into my food like I’ve never had any in my life.

 “I hear you guys had an eventful night,” Emma says.

 “Well, it was more productive than eventful,” I say, taking a huge bite of buffalo chicken mac and cheese. “Still a few things we need to clear up.”

 Luke’s hand finds its way to my knee and he starts rubbing the inside of my leg the way he did mere hours ago. I nearly purr it feels so good.

Please feel free to share this image!

If you’d like to read more, the first two chapters are available NOW on Wattpad!

Add Making Headlines on Goodreads.

Pre-order your copy today for Kindle, Nook, and iPad!

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