Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {3}

Hello and Happy December!

Lucky for us, December begins on a Tuesday this year.

Which means that it’s December 1st and Teaser Tuesday.

Rabbit, rabbit, indeed.

Happy reading!

“So, word on the street is that you bailed out of a date the other night,” Dan says. When the four of us met up to help Jack with her script, she actually didn’t bring the date up. Hasn’t brought it up to me at all, actually. But I guess that didn’t stop her from telling Dan.

“Yeah,” I say. “I’ve become one of you hopeless romantics who pines for the one who is far away.”

Dan laughs and says, “But Kip won’t be so far away in a couple hours.”

“I know, and I’m trying so bloody hard not to freak out about it.”

“Why would you freak out?” Dan asks.

“Would you believe me if I said that I don’t know what to do?”

“In what way?”

I sigh. It’s so hard to explain this to people. But I guess if anyone would get it, it would be Dan. So instead of trying to explain I say, “I know it seems fast, but I really like him. I can see us together. Which I know seems completely mad, especially considering the distance. And the utter lack of a future.”

“Ah ha,” he says, nodding. “Distance can be daunting. Why do you say there’s an utter lack of a future?”

“Uh, because he wants to ski in the Olympics. That’s a long commitment that does not have room for a relationship. He basically told me as much the other day.”

“The idea of long distance seems really daunting,” Dan says. “But I promise that the reality of it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If the two of you really want to give things a try, then you should. See if it works out. Besides, tons of serious athletes are in relationships. There’s always those personal interest stories about them during the Olympics.”

“Yeah, but at the age of eighteen and when it’s long bloody distance?”

“I know it seems impossible,” Dan says. “But if you both want it, then you’ll work it out.”

I sigh, but nod along as if that makes sense. Until I realize it doesn’t. “But I mean, we’re not anything. We text and flirt and I have a ferocious crush on him. With any other guy, I’d hook up with him a time or two and get it out of my system. But I know—I don’t know how, but I know—that it wouldn’t be like that with Kip. There’d be no getting him out of my system. I don’t know if I want to give into all of my urges and try something with him this weekend because that would mean jumping headfirst into either an extremely difficult relationship or certain heartbreak.”

“Well,” Dan says. “Would you rather not ever know and regret it, or jump headfirst into certain heartbreak and enjoy the free fall while it lasts?”

“Neither,” I say. “Maybe Kip will get here and he’ll suddenly be ugly and annoying and my crush on him will disappear.”

Dan cracks up at that as we hang a left onto Thirteenth Street.

Saying Yes Teaser 3

Cover design by Paige Doscher

Cover design by Paige Doscher

Saying Yes is Available Now!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

iBookstore  | Smashwords

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friday things.

friday things

The Fug Girls’ Holiday Gift Guide is here! Go go while Black Friday discounts are still A Thing!

Confused about the difference between yams and sweet potatoes? ENLIGHTEN THYSELF.

The British Monarchy Facebook page posted a bunch of photos of Prince Harry and his friend Mutsu Postarte, who lives in Lesotho, and I CANNOT EVEN.

GET EXCITED: we can all go on pizza and taco diets now.

I’m guessing you would like to hear this NPR interview with Adele. And also would like to know about her squad that includes Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Whither Anna Kendrick, I ask? Anna Kendrick BELONGS in that squad, I tell you!

OH, LOOK. Jon Snow is on next season’s Game of Thrones poster. NO ONE IS SURPRISED BY THIS, HBO. But also, THANK GOD.

I am 3,000% behind Anonymous’s rickrolling of terrorists.

As well as the people of Brussels sending a humorous, lighthearted, very Internety response to the social media blackout request during the very scary, very serious terrorism raids.

I’ll just leave this here: Facebook Life Achievements Only Book Nerds Will Understand.

Would you like to hear an excellent remix of Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me”? I THOUGHT SO. (Also, let’s all re-watch She’s All That.)

I quite enjoyed reading this conversation between Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon, Jasmine in Aladdin, currently in Allegiance) and Phillipa Soo (my beloved Hamilton) about Asian actors on Broadway.

New/old island, ahoy!

This genius wrote programming scripts to automate his life/job. I would just write books and read books and watch HGTV all the day. Whilst wearing NO PANTS.

OMG Scott Porter (Jason Street) is going to play Coach Taylor in the Unauthorized Musical of Friday Night Lights.

Click this. Read this. Do it. #clickbait

Happy Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2015


My Thanksgiving gift to all of you is a completely unedited scene from a draft of what ending up being Finding Slope, before it was anything like the way Finding Slope ended up being. In fact, my working title of it was Taking the Season. (Ugh, I know. I’m bad at titles.)

This was back when I still envisioned it as a holiday novella that happened right after the end of Making Headlines. I actually started writing it before Making Headlines was completely edited, which means that there are some things in this that are weird—for example, a character named Ainsley who was initially part of The Taking Flight Girl Squad and was later removed (She may or may not make a triumphant return in my current WIP….) and a love interest for Willa who isn’t Dan. *gasp*

In this scene, Willa has returned to Missouri after spending Thanksgiving (see what I did there?) in New York with her mom.

Happy reading!


I get off the plane in Columbia and can’t decide if I’m glad to be back or if I’m going to cry because I miss New York so much already.

I guess it’s a little bit of both, if I’m being honest.

My Thanksgiving break wasn’t nearly long enough. I mean, I spent a lot of time with my mom, which was wonderful, but I barely got to see Ana, my best friend from high school, because she was busy hosting her extended family who flew up from Brazil because they were curious as to what American Thanksgiving was like. I actually had to meet up with her during the two hour block where she was supposed to be touring them up and down Fifth Avenue, aka letting them spend an insane amount of money on designer clothes.

She promised that we’d see more of each other over the holiday break, when we both have about a month off of school. My concern is that she’ll randomly end up with some sort of month-long externship at a fashion designer’s atelier. She’s in fashion design school in Savannah, and she’s thriving there. Her professors adore her, it seems that she has more friends than she knows what to do with, and is already considered the most talented designer in their class.

Not that any of that surprises me. I just wish I was as well adjusted to college as Ana already is.

I mean, I’m not having a bad time or anything. I’m enjoying my classes and I’ve made some amazing friends. I just feel homesick a lot. I miss little things, like watching period dramas with my mom and being able to see the Empire State Building in person and the pleasantly greasy smell of the Halal cart on my street corner.

And on top of all that, I ended things with Dan and we haven’t spoken in months. Initially, I took that really hard. And that coupled with the homesickness put me into a small tailspin—I would sleep a lot, but always felt exhausted, and I never felt hungry. As a result, I’m probably the one college freshman who lost weight. Well, without trying to, at least.

Of course, none of that went unnoticed. Sophie is constantly checking in on me, as if I’m some sort of baby bird who needs to be doted on. I do appreciate the concern and everything, but it annoys me that my not being able to emotionally handle some things was obvious to everyone.

I spy my dad standing outside his car, which is idling in the airport’s pick-up zone.

“There’s my Willa,” he says, hugging me.

“Hey, Dad,” I say when he pulls away from me and takes my bag.

“Good Thanksgiving?”

“Too short,” I say honestly. “But finals will be over before we know it and I’ll be back in the city in no time.”

I say it before I think about it, but don’t see him cringe. I think he understands that New York is my hometown and that I miss it terribly. He’s pretty intuitive like that.

Well, and he and my mom have a pretty good divorced couple relationship. I’m sure they compare notes.

“Are you feeling recharged, at least?” he asks as we open our respective doors and get in the car. “I know this beginning of the semester wasn’t the easiest adjustment for you. I was hoping a few days back in the city might give you a little boost.”

For some reason this makes me cry. Which is totally embarrassing.

“Oh, Willa. I’m sorry,” he says, looking over at me briefly before taking his eyes back to the road. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“No, it’s not that,” I say, using the back of my hand to wipe the stupid tears away. “I don’t even know why I’m crying.”

“Okay,” he says quietly before turning up NPR. As we enter campus, I remember that I never texted Mom to let her know that I landed safely. I grab my phone and turn airplane mode off. As soon as I do, I’m bombarded with texts from my friends wanting to know if I want to go to an impromptu football party tonight.

That is the last thing I want to do right now. I want pajamas and to curl up with the very gory true crime novel I picked up at the airport bookstore.

But I have a feeling I’ll be going anyway.

I ignore the texts for now and send one to my mom.

The car pulls into the circle drive in front of my dorm and as I go to open the door my dad says, “Willa?”

I drop my hand from the door handle.”Yeah?”

“Are you happy here?”

“I am,” I say. What I don’t say is that it’s more complicated than that. Yes, I’m happy. Sometimes. Most of the time. I don’t feel unhappy. I just often feel overwhelmed and exhausted. That’s not the same as unhappy.


“Are you sure?” he asks. “Because there’s no shame in saying that you aren’t. You could transfer somewhere else. Or take a gap year.”

The look on my face must be one of horror because he laughs softly and says, “I know that you’d probably never do that. But I want you to know that if you think you need to, that’s okay.”

“Does it seem like I’m unhappy?” I ask, genuinely curious.

“Not unhappy necessarily. You just seem kind of down. I know you like school and are thriving here academically. But college isn’t just about school. And if you feel like you’re not growing as a person, then its okay to take a step back and regroup. Figure out what the best next steps are for you.”

I try to decode what exactly it is that he’s saying. When your dad is a professor, you find that sometimes he goes from dad-mode to mentor-mode pretty quickly.

“I have friends,” I say in my defense.

“I know you do,” he says, looking me in the eyes. “People would be crazy not to be friends with you.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I say, smiling at that.

“But seriously, if being away from New York is too tough on you, just say something.”

“I will,” I say, hoping that will make him drop this subject. I know that it comes from a place of love and care, but I feel like he wants me to say that I’m unhappy here. And I’m not. I really do like it. It’s just taking me a little while to get over, you know, Dan. And it’s not like New York is a place that you just stop missing. It’s in my DNA at this point.

But, he’s not wrong in saying that I’ve been down lately. I know I have been. I’m working on it. I just don’t really want to talk about it. Especially with my dad.

“Okay,” he says. “Well, enjoy your first night back. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

I roll my eyes, but lean over to hug him.

“Love you, Dad.”

“Love you too.”

“Let’s get lunch this week,” he says. “Whenever is good for you.”

“Sounds good,” I say. “See you soon.”

I grab my bag out of the back and key into the building, feeling both anxious and excited.

After dropping off the stuff in my room, which is for intents and purposes a single since my roommate has never spent a night here, I start to unpack my suitcase. I know I should get back to my friends about the party, but it’s been a long day and classes start back up tomorrow.

Just then, my phone rings.

I swear, the entire group of them has ESP.

But when I look at the phone, I see that it’s Jake, the football player who has vigilantly been trying to date me, calling.

I sigh, trying to decide if I should take it or not. I’m in an antisocial mood, but, maybe that’s contributing to the aura of unhappy I’m giving off. And Jake is nice. And it’s not like I’ll be on the phone that long.

“Hi,” I say, answering before I can decide not to.

“Hi, Willa,” he says, his voice congenial. “How was your Thanksgiving?”

“It was nice to be home for a few days. And yours?”

“Well, we had to play on Friday, so I actually had dinner with the team, but our families were invited and given a hotel room and free tickets to the game, so I did get to spend some time with them.”

“I’m sure they enjoyed the no-fuss Thanksgiving,” I say.

He laughs and says, “Yeah, my mom definitely did.”

I’m not sure what to say from there, so I stay quiet for a couple uncomfortable seconds.

“So, hey,” he says. “I’m not sure if Courtney invited you, but we’re having some people over tonight. It’ll be low-key—just some folks hanging out. I’d love it if you could make it.”

I take a deep breath in and weigh my options. I’m not really feeling up to a party, but he did say it’s low-key. And all my friends will be going.

“Sure, yeah.”

“Yeah?” he asks, sounding surprised.

“Yeah, I’ll get a ride over with the girls. I’ll see you soon.”

“Great! See you soon.”

We hang up and I’m not sure how to feel about this—now that I’ve committed to going, I’m kind of excited. I’m hanging out with guys from the football team, one of whom is into me, with my really cool group of girlfriends.

I text Sophie, Kate, Courtney, and Ainsley, letting them know that I’m in. They all respond immediately, exclamation points and emojis galore, and instructions to meet downstairs in an hour.

I start changing out of the clothes I work on the plane and into a cute pair of new skinny jeans and grab my favorite blue sweater. It’s one of those that is thin enough to be flattering, but still keep you warm.

As I look at myself in the mirror, I suddenly remember that it’s the sweater I wore when I met Dan in the city and he took me to Chick-fil-A.

At first the memory makes me wistful—we had so much fun that night. It was the first time we’d seen each other outside of an airport and we were able to talk for as long as we wanted and kiss and watch a movie. He ended up falling asleep in my bed while we watched Netflix, which didn’t go over well with our moms, but it was such a revelatory feeling to wake up next to him.

I smile at the memory and find myself blinking back tears.

I slump down onto my bed, wiping away the tears for the second time tonight.

I have got to get my shit together.

I have got to move on from Dan Martin.

And I know just the guy who can help me do that.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {2}


It’s Tuesday.

Which means it’s time for a new Saying Yes teaser!

This one is from Kip’s perspective. It involves a club and dancing and having mild panic attacks.


I start dancing my way through the throng of people, making my way over to Rufus. When I’m finally close to him, I grab his hand and he, thank God, smiles when he sees it’s me.

“Come on,” I say. “We need to dance.”

I pull him away from the other guy, not caring if I’m being rude. When we’re far enough away, I realize I don’t know how to do this. I have no idea how to dance with a guy I like. Do I face him? Keep my back to him?

I decide it’ll be far too intimate and possibly embarrassing if I face him, so I drop his hand—which, oh my God, I’ve been holding Rufus’s hand this entire time—and begin moving to the beat. Thankfully, I feel Rufus moving behind me. He isn’t directly pressed up against me, but close enough that I can feel his every movement.

Good Lord, it’s hot in here.

I feel Rufus’s hand move, his fingers barely grazing my shoulder, and just that touch sends shivers down my spine despite the heat. Then his hand is at my hip, and I look over my shoulder at him.

There’s something dark yet bright in his eyes, and even though there’s a bit of a sweaty sheen on his brow, he looks damn good. He puts a bit of pressure on my hip, spinning me around to face him.

“Hey,” I say, unsure of what else to do.

“Hi,” he says back, his eyes going to my mouth.

Oh. My. God. He’s going to kiss me.

And that’s when I panic.

Saying Yes Teaser 2


Cover design by Paige Doscher

Cover design by Paige Doscher

Saying Yes is Available Now!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

iBookstore  | Smashwords

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NaNoWriMo 2015 {Week 3}

Well. It’s happened.

I’ve hit the dreaded Week 3 wall.

I’m still writing every day, but it is a struggle. I haven’t hit my word counts the past few days, which is just so frustrating. When I sit down and open the document every day, I just stare at the screen. When I do start writing, I hate every.single.word.

On top of that, the world is a mess right now and, I can’t lie, that is definitely cutting into my mental and emotional state and making it that much harder to write. I do my best to sit down and clear my mind and focus on writing. On my story and my characters and the scene in front of me. But some days it is super hard.

However, I am trying my best. Some days I write 2,000 words, some days 700, some days 300.

But you know what?

I’m still writing.

I’m still getting words on the page. They may be words I hate, that I know I’ll change in the revision process, but they’re still words. I’m hoping that I’ll have a watershed breakthrough moment sometime soon, but if that doesn’t happen, you know what?

That’s okay.

As much as I don’t want to fail at reaching my goal of 50,ooo words, I know that if it doesn’t happen for me this year, I’ve still started writing a book. I’ve made a lot of progress on a first draft that—even if I did hit 50,000 words in a month—I’d still have to continue drafting because, spoiler alert, 50,000 words does not a book make; my books are typically somewhere between 75,000 and 90,000 (although the novellas are around 30,000). So, whether or not I hit the word count goal, I have to keep writing anyway.


Which is what I’ll keep doing!


Last year, during week three I include a gif of Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi, and Prince William. #squadgoals

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Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {1}

Hi, it’s Tuesday, it’s Teaser Tuesday!

This week I have a teaser from Saying Yes, my most recent novella in the Taking Flight series. Yes, it did come out last Tuesday, and, yes, you can buy it, download it, and read it immediately. If that’s your thing.

(I hope that’s your thing.)

Happy reading!

I haven’t fully let myself think about the fact that I’m going out in New York City. Not only will it be my first bar experience, but it’s a bar in New York. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be nothing like the quiet, classy bars that line the streets in Vail. Mostly, I hope that they actually let me in and that I don’t seem completely like a newbie.

“Y’all heading to Green Light?” Dan asks.

“Yep. Figured it’d be a good place to start Kip off.”

“Have you been?” I ask Dan.

“Once,” he says, grinning at me. “I got hit on more than I have in any other place in my life. It was a nice ego boost.”

Luke and Jack both laugh, and that’s when I realize, somehow for the first time, that we’re going to a gay bar. For some reason, that makes me insanely nervous. And intimidated. I look back in the mirror, scrutinizing my outfit, wondering if maybe I should try a little harder. Or if I already look like I’m trying too hard.

“You ready?” Jack asks me.


“You’re ready,” she says. “Come on. Rufus is waiting for us downstairs.”

I nod and grab my wallet, phone, and Dan’s set of keys that he’s graciously letting me borrow for the night.

“You good on cash?” Luke asks, and I nod. “Okay,” he says. “Don’t get so trashed that you’re puking through brunch tomorrow.”

I nod again, feeling all of the nerves throwing a rave in my stomach. My brother gets up from Dan’s desk chair and crosses the room to me in two steps.

“Let yourself have fun,” Luke says quietly. “You deserve it.”

“Thanks,” I say.

“And Kip? Don’t be too nervous to tell Rufus how you feel.”


“Wouldn’t you rather tell him instead of wondering about what might have happened if you just talked about things with him?”

“I don’t know,” I say honestly.

“Try not to think about skiing tonight,” he says. “Go out, have a good time, and if you’re feeling it, go for it.”

At the thought of going for it with Rufus, I suddenly feel like I can’t breathe, but somehow exhale a shaky breath.

“We’ll see,” I say, sounding as nervous as I feel.

“All I’m saying is don’t hold yourself back because you’re nervous or scared.”

“Right,” I say. “Thanks, Luke.”

“Anytime, Kippering.”

“Did he just call you Kippering?” Jack asks, and with that I realize that both she and Dan heard our entire conversation even though we were speaking in hushed tones.

“Yeah,” I say. “Kip is short for Kippering.”

“And here I was thinking Rufus called you Kipper just to be cute.”

“He calls you Kipper?” Luke asks, looking amused by this.

“I thought he only said that to me,” I say, my face flaming again. I desperately need to learn how to keep myself from being embarrassed by everything.

“It’s cute,” Jack says. “Adorable, really.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I say. “Let’s go before you make me feel any more infantile.”

“Have a good time,” Dan says as Jack grabs my hand and we walk to the elevator.

“Really, there’s no need to be nervous,” she says. “Green Light is fun. I promise.”

“Okay,” I say, my heart hammering in my chest anyway.

In the elevator she talks about how if we get bored there are tons of great bars around the area that we could hop over to instead, but all I’m trying to do is focus on breathing. Why am I this nervous?

The elevator doors open, we step out into the lobby, and my eyes immediately train on Rufus, who is wearing a tight-fitting black T-shirt and jeans. Nothing remarkable clothes-wise, but with his dark hair and his perfect face and that five o’clock shadow, he looks like the best bad boy you’ve ever laid eyes on.

I’m not proud to admit this, but my mouth watered a little upon seeing him.


Saying Yes Teaser 1


Cover design by Paige Doscher

Cover design by Paige Doscher

Saying Yes is Available Now!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

iBookstore  | Smashwords

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friday things.

friday things

Good news! Science now says that drinking champagne can save your brain.

60 Minutes has SO MANY VIDEOS ABOUT HAMILTON ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!  Four for you 60 Minutes, you go 60 Minutes!

So, this idea of dorms for “grown-ups” seems pretty cool to me. Especially for those years when you’re just out of school and have no idea what you’re doing/can’t afford anything/don’t want to live at home/want to make friends but have no idea how to make friends when you don’t have school in common.

Similarly, we should all take a cue from these besties and build our own Bestie Rows.

Ever wondered why “Mrs” has an “r” in it? Wonder no more!

There are apps now that will match you up with DOGS and let you have playdates.

For those of you beginning to experience winter (I’m so jealous because I’m sitting here sweating to death in Singapore), might I interest you in the Norwegian secret to enjoying the cold? I thought so.

Noted girl crush Anna Kendrick is in the “live action” trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefront video game.

This week, Jennifer Lawrence is bae. (But I need to state for the record that the lede in this article is HEINOUS and I hate it and that is probably why I’m not a Vogue editor.)

I quite enjoyed this NPR story on The Art of the Clean Version, which takes us inside the editing process of cleaning up hip-hop and rap music to make them radio-friendly.

This is super fun: read all about Gustave Eiffel’s secret apartment in the Eiffel Tower. And, if you’re going to Paris soon, you can see it!

From The Toast: Unsolicited Advice for the Six Wives of King Henry VIII, Working Within Their Social Parameters and Not Suggesting They Just Invent Feminism Because That’s Anachronistic.

Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses has been optioned for a film!!!

And Taylor Swift donated $25,000 worth of Scholastic books to New York City schools because she is a book fairy.

Happy Friday!



Cover design by Paige Doscher

Cover design by Paige Doscher

Saying Yes is Available Now!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

iBookstore  | Smashwords

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NaNoWriMo 2015 {Week 2}

Hello, Wrimos!

It’s Week 2.

Which means I’ve gotten to the part of my outline where I’m like, “Meh, I don’t want to write that scene.”

Which is hard for me because I write in chronological order. I make outlines and lists that I follow. I need to know what happens in the scene before to move on to the next scene. My brain doesn’t work out of order.

But you know what? I’ve been skipping scenes and moving on.

That is a Big Deal for me. At first, I really wrestled with the decision not to write the scene. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “I have to write a fun, flirty, but not sexy date scene.”

Me: “What would that date even be? Roller skating? Bowling? Blergh.”

Me: “What if i just don’t write it?”


Me: “Maybe I just . . . skip it and come back to it later?”


Me: “Possibly, but right now I don’t care. MOVING ON.”

So, yeah! I skipped a scene!

And, you know what? My manuscript hasn’t fallen apart yet! But the writing definitely isn’t going as smoothly as it was last week. Part of this is that I’ve been copy/pasting some scenes that existed in an earlier draft of this WIP and it is taking every ounce of self-control I have not to go in and edit those scenes yet. I just keep thinking about them. But I’m refusing to go back and work on them. Not until this draft is finished.

Another part of it is that sometimes writing is just hard. So I need to buck up, get words on paper (errrr, digital paper that exists in my computer), and get the damn draft done.

Happy writing, Wrimos!

If you’d like to read some more writing advice, check out last year’s week two post, which is all about secondary characters and has some really fun gifs, here.

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Surprise! Announcing Saying Yes!

Well, HELLO.

I wrote a new book. It’s called Saying Yes. You can buy it today!

Cover design by Paige Doscher

That’s right: today. It is on sale right now, at this very moment, and you can buy it, download it, and gobble it up right this second if you’d like.

What’s the book about?


The only thing Kip McGraw has ever wanted is to ski in the Olympics. That is, until he realizes that he’d also like to have a relationship with Rufus Williams, the Australian NYU freshman he met during spring break and thinks about constantly. He doesn’t want to compromise his skiing career just because he has a raging crush—for the first time ever—on someone, and knows that the best thing to do is to focus on skiing, not Rufus. They’d have to be long distance anyway, and everyone knows that never goes well. Kip decides to forget about Rufus, his accent, and his perfect face—but that’s easier said than done.

Rufus Williams never expected to fall for anyone—especially not a high school senior who lives half a country away. But as he finds himself thinking about—and getting to know—more and more about Kip, he knows that the attraction between them could be the real thing. But, because of the distance and Kip’s skiing goals, Rufus knows that they’ll never have an actual shot at a relationship—let alone when he and Kip will ever be in the same place again. If he could only stop thinking about him, and writing characters for his screenplay class that look like him, all would be peachy.

Then, when Willa Thompson calls Kip to invite him to attend their friends’ Adam and Courtney’s surprise proposal in New York City, Rufus and Kip realize that they’ll have an entire weekend in New York City together. And a lot can happen in forty-eight hours.

Set during the proposal weekend in Breaking Tackles and against the backdrop of New York City, this companion novella to the Taking Flight series is full of friendship, flirting, and saying yes.

You read that right. This is Kip and Rufus’s story. Get excited.

Saying Yes announcementSaying Yes is Available Now!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

iBookstore  | Smashwords

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friday things.

friday things



I know Halloween feels like it was a million years ago at this point, but I’m still not over Chrissy Tiegen as Guy Fieri.

I have decided I want Prince Harry to marry this veteran. Also: we learn that he gives what are clearly The Best Hugs.

I’ll just leave this here: How to Keep Your Guy from Removing the Neck Ribbon that Keeps Your Head Tied On.

Sufjan Stevens and Gallant covered “Hotline Bling”. Yes, they did.

Zoe Saldana is bae.

I assume you will want to take this Which Taylor Swift BFF Are You? quiz. (I got Lorde!)

I quite enjoyed this piece about Adele’s fantastic Rolling Stone cover and its total lack of male gaze.

A painting of 42 cats, hilariously titled “My Wife’s Lovers” sold at Sotheby’s for over $800,000 this week. Yep.

Also in the world of art, here is an interesting article about The Renwick Gallery and how Jacqueline Kennedy  saved The White House and most 19th century buildings in Washington D.C. from being demolished.

I know you want to see photos and read the exuberant post about the cast of The Baby-Sitters Club movie reuniting!

This Buzzfeed article about the reality of being a volunteer escort at an abortion clinic is well-worth a read.

The EW cover for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out this week, and it alerts us to the fact that Americans don’t say muggle in Harry Potter world. They say “No Maj.” Which is obviously sub-par to “muggle” and is J.K. Rowling’s way of reminding the world that American slang, when compared to British slang, is just sad and dumb.

The Toast’s Mallory Ortberg has blessed us with Sexual Overtures from An Alien Unfamiliar With the Human Body and Desserts I Have Been Horrified By on The Great British Bake-Off.

Carrie Brownstein is apparently an ordained minister and a couple asked her to marry them AT HER BOOK SIGNING and Amy Poehler was there and played piano AND WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF DOING THIS FOR MY WEDDING.

Because it’s Movember, here’s a video of men’s (facial) hair trends throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The model, Samuel Orson, is not a bad looking person. Enjoy!


Happy Friday!

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Cover design by Paige Doscher.

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