friday things.

friday things

Playing It Cool

Chris and I rented this movie on VOD earlier this week and I really enjoyed it, despite feeling lukewarm about the ending. But I am a sucker for movies about writers. Especially movies about writers that play with genre conventions. And it has a really great cast. Captain American and Falcon not being Captain America and Falcon! Topher Grace (whom I adore)! Aubrey Plaza! Martin Starr! Luke Wilson! If you have a free afternoon, watch it. Then we can discuss how I’d rather it have ended.

Greatest headline of all time?

This is only 30 seconds long, but it is perfect

The Oh Hellos

Oh, hello new band obsession. (Sorry, I had to.)

I hope everyone had/is having (depending on your hemisphere) a great Friday!


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friday things.

friday things

So, this past week or so has been a little bit insane—I’m engaged! And got a dog! And am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo!

Pretty much all of my time outside of work has been spent scouring the Internet trying to figure out how to plan a wedding in the U.S. when you live abroad, playing with/feeding/walking/worrying about the new dog, and squeezing in time to write. I am woefully behind on my word count. :(

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t found a few fun things on the Internet.

 Jon Snow!

My favorite is when he uses the knives to make the Iron Throne.

Also, I’m so freaking excited for GoT to be back, mostly because HBO is airing it at the same time worldwide, which means I get to watch it at 8:30am on Mondays. NO SPOILERS, WOO! (I mean, I’ve read the books, so it’s not like there are real spoilers for me. But. You know what I mean.)

The Worst News.

Apparently Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are taking a break. I am super bummed about this. I love them together. They seem totally cool and completely normal and it seemed like that just liked each other so much, you know? I really hope that it’s only a break, but I know that it isn’t really and that everything is over and love is dead now. *wails and gnashes teeth*

James  Corden + Josh Gad!

I am a dork and am delighted by this. Mostly because singing. And because I am sincerely charmed by James Corden at all times.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a lovely weekend!



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friday things on a tuesday.

friday things

This was supposed to post last Friday, but, uh, I forgot to actually schedule it. Because my birthday was last Thursday and on Friday I got on a plane to Bali and just didn’t even think about my blog. Because Bali.

So I’m posting last week’s Friday things today. Because I do what I want.

The best pick-me-up playlist.

The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta


They are SO GOOD. If you haven’t read them yet, READ THEM NOW.

Hozier’s video for “Work Song”

It’s no secret that I’m a little bit obsessed with his freaking perfect voice. Also, he could make me love the man bun. Also also, the super simple, crazy effective choreography gives me mad chill bumps.

Clarissa Explains It All Novel!

My family didn’t have extended cable, aka Nickelodeon, until I was 12. Because of that, I don’t really have a cultural touchstone for this show the way a lot of my friends do. I remember watching it—there was the boy next door with the ladder who would come in to her room via the window (so scandalous!) and she had a phone that looked like a shoe or something. And that’s really all I remember. My Melissa Joan Hart show was more Sabrina, the Teenage Witch than it was Clarissa. But that doesn’t mean I’m notexcited about this book.

The Toast Compiles All the Arguments about Buffy (aka, the best show)


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This is what I need to be doing post-Bali vacay.

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Aural Addiction {March 2015}

I do not consider myself a music tastemaker. In fact, I have a horrible time finding new music—I tend to get stuck listening to the same albums over and over again, semi-obsessively. So when I do find new tunes, I get really, absurdly excited.

Of course, with the advent of Pandora (which I no longer have access to because of licensing restrictions. DAMN YOU, SINGAPORE.) and Spotify, finding new jams is a bit easier, but still no less exciting.

But because I figure that some of you may be in the same boat I’m in in regards to finding new music, I’m sharing the tunes I’ve been grooving to the past month. Feel free to share yours in comments!


friday things.

friday things


I got out of the habit of doing these little weekly round-ups over the holidays, which was stupid. So I’m reviving it. BEHOLD, the things I liked this week.

“Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt

I’m in love with this song and have been for months now. In fact, it’s worth your time to give it a listen, sans video because the video will totally influence the way you think about the song if you haven’t heard it first. Anyhoodle, when the video came out, I jumped on it and it WAS NOT AT ALL what I was expecting. But I love it so much more—I’d never thought of the song meaning something that wasn’t strictly romantic, and the fact that Sam Hunt used it as a platform to talk about domestic violence makes me weepy in the best way. Sam Hunt, you’re the best.

Marvel + Welcome to Nightvale

This is making my life right now.

Barely Lethal

The first book I ever tried to write was basically this plot line. And now I’m mad at myself for never finishing it because if I had, I’d be Scrooge McDucking into piles of film licensing money. UGH.

George R.R. Martin is Skipping SDCC to Finally Finish Writing The Winds of Winter.

This news is the best news.

This Buzzfeed article is my life.

And it has introduced me to my new favorite gif: angry cartoon Lizzie McGuire.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!

Bookishly yours,

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Time for #PitMad!: An Explanation and a Request

So, because I’m insane, I’m participating in something called Pitch Madness on Twitter today.

Yes, the day after I released Finding Slope. Hence, the insane thing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pitch Madness, it’s a Twitter event for authors looking for literary agents. You pitch your manuscript in 140 characters using the hashtag “PitMad,” and if an agent likes your pitch, they favorite your tweet to let you know that they’d like for you to send them a full submission. This does not mean that you immediately have representation, just that an agent might be interested in representing you.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll get zero favorites. But I figure that I should try rather than not try, you know?

Which means that I am going to be SUPER ANNOYING on Twitter today. From 8AM to 8PM EST, I’ll be tweeting out my pitch a couple times an hour—please be kind and don’t unfollow me because of this. I’m just trying to get an agent, not purposefully spamming the hell out of you.

Additionally, unless you are a literary agent, please don’t favorite any of the pitch tweets—if you’d like to retweet them to show your support, that would be amazing. But favoriting the tweets if you’re not an agent will just complicate things in the long run and give me false hope. So, retweet! Retweet your heart out! But please don’t favorite.

And, for curious minds, I’m not pitching the Taking Flight series. It’s something totally separate and stand-alone and in the YA category. You can check out the pitch tweets for more info on that. :)

Okay, that’s it! The more you know and all that!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! If you haven’t picked up Finding Slope yet, REMEDY THAT! ;)

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Finding Slope Cover

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!


Finding Slope is on sale now!

Pre-order at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | Smashwords

Add it to Goodreads.

Read the first chapter on Wattpad.

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Coat Teaser

Finding Slope goes on sale March 10th!

Pre-order at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | Smashwords

Add it to Goodreads.

Read the first chapter on Wattpad.

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Craving Teaser

Finding Slope goes on sale March 10th!

Pre-order at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | Smashwords

Add it to Goodreads.

Read the first chapter on Wattpad.

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Three Days.

Door Teaser


Finding Slope goes on sale March 10th!

Pre-order at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | Smashwords

Add it to Goodreads.

Read the first chapter on Wattpad.

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