friday things.

friday things


Can Alanis Morissette and Taylor Swift please just go on tour together? And bring back femme rock and also a revamped Lilith Tour? Pretty please? (Also, I have seen Alanis in concert before and SHE IS AWESOME and if you ever have the opportunity to see her live DO IT.)

Because I’m interested in how we interact with fiction, I’m fascinated by the harrowing story of the two 12-year-old girls who tried to sacrifice their friend to Slender Man. And this New York piece by Lisa Miller is my crack.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album is really, really good.

Look at this teacher’s cute Harry Potter classroom!

Bring It On, the seminal movie about high school cheerleading that, in addition to making us want to memorize all the cheers, taught us that brushing your teeth alongside your friend’s hot older brother could be a serious case of flirtation, is 15-years-old. But let’s not dwell on that. Instead, read this interview with the director and choreographer.

Here’s a video of pigs dressed as sharks.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {2}

Oh, hello.

Yes, you’re right, today is Tuesday which means that you get a new teaser from Breaking Tackles.

This one’s an Adam teaser.

(That’s right. I teased the teaser.)

Get excited.

She sighs again, crossing her arms over her chest, and quickly says, “I’m number eighteen on the twenty hottest girlfriends of the draft.”

“What in the world are you talking about?”

“There’s this sports blog that ranked the twenty hottest girlfriends of the draft,” she says. “I’m number eighteen.”

Jesus. Christ.

How anyone could ever put Courtney at eighteen, I don’t understand. She is seriously smokin’. A curvy, sexy brunette with legs for days and eyes the color of milk chocolate.

“That blogger is an idiot,” I say.

“I was actually surprised I even made the list,” she says, trying to keep her tone light. But I can tell that this is a big deal for her.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand how you didn’t top the list.”

“Come on,” Courtney says. “Look at me. I’m totally normal. Which I’ve always been fine with. But you can’t deny that most of the girlfriends and wives of athletes err on the side of model.”

She’s right, I can’t deny that—hell, my brothers are guilty of what Courtney is saying—but I don’t find those girls nearly as pretty as Courtney.

“You’re not totally normal,” I say. “You’re so beautiful. I’ve always thought so.”

“Which is why you dated a tall, skinny, blonde volleyball player all through high school,” Courtney says flatly.

Sometimes the fact that she has known me my entire life really comes back to bite me in the ass.

“If I had known I could have dated you without your brothers trying to kill me, I would have!”

“As if they weren’t trying to kill you on the football field anyway.”

She has a point.


BT Teaser. Adam 1

Feel free to share!

Breaking Tackles goes on sale September 22nd!

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friday things.

friday things


  • This comic about a snarky, dismissive Dumbledore is hysterical.
  • You should all plan to come visit me in Singapore next month so that we can eat Bat-Waffles together at the new DC Superhero Café.
  • In sports, football* is nearly upon us (THANK GOD) and even if you don’t care about football and don’t watch Hard Knocks, the reviews over on Grantland are seriously entertaining and might make you reconsider your stance on football and/or football players and/or watching Hard Knocks. (Guys, in the first episode of this season, all one of the rookies talks about is how much he loves Game of Thrones. And in the second, the starting wide receiver talks about how he wants a Yorkie so that he can buy a manbag and take his Yorkie to the club. HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO WATCH THIS.)
  • This quiz about which Friday Night Lights guy you should date is The Most Important Quiz of Our Time. (I got Landry. That seems about right, actually.)
  • On an entirely different subject, The Royal Giftshop has launched a line of official china to mark QE2 as the longest reigning British monarch. In the words of The Fug Girls, “NEW MUG AHOY.”
  • If any of you would like to buy me this mug, that would be very nice of you and I would appreciate it a whole lot.

Happy Friday, everyone!

*My new book, Breaking Tackles, has lots of football. And kissing. You can pre-order now at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore Smashwords.


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Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {1}

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the first Teaser Tuesday for Breaking Tackles!

*confetti cannons*

So, this first teaser comes from a scene in the book that finds Adam and Courtney in very new territory: a long distance relationship.

(I know, all my books deal with distance. Eventually I’ll write one that doesn’t, but NOW IS NOT THAT TIME.)

In any case, this scene has Adam and Courtney seeing each other after some time apart and it’s a bit swoony.

I figured it’s always a good idea to start off on a swoony note.

Happy reading!

As I scan the baggage claim area from the top of the escalator, I don’t see Adam anywhere. And he’s the type of guy to stand out, considering his size. I grab my phone and realize that I never turned it off of airplane mode.

I swipe and wait as my phone reconnects to the signal, and then see a message from my mom, asking if we landed safely, but nothing from Adam.

Maybe he’s just running a little late from practice. That’s entirely possible.

As I get to the bottom of the escalator, I pause and look around before walking toward the exit. I only packed a carry-on, so there’s no need for me to wait at the baggage claim. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my waist, spinning me around, and I’m face to face with Adam, whom I barely register before he grabs my face and meets my lips with his.

The kiss is deep and long and hot.

Way too hot for a kiss anywhere in public.

When we break apart, I feel flushed and short of breath and very, very turned on.

BT Teaser. Courtney Kiss

Feel free to share!

Head’s up for bloggers! If you’d like to be part of the Breaking Tackles blog tour, be sure to sign up by this Friday!

Breaking Tackles goes on sale September 22nd!

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Sign-Up for the BREAKING TACKLES Blog Tour!

Hi there!

I’m super pumped to be announcing the BREAKING TACKLES Blog Tour! If you’d like to be a part of it—and get a free, advanced copy of the book—use the form to sign up below!

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Hey, guess what?

My new book, Breaking Tackles, will go on sale September 22nd!


Breaking Tackles - Final Cover

Cover design by Paige Doscher


Courtney Narducci and Adam Kistler have loved each other since they were kids. It just took them years to figure it out. Now that they’re finally together, they’re determined that nothing will break them apart.

When Adam is drafted into the NFL, he has to move away from the university life Courtney isn’t quite ready to leave behind. If that change weren’t big enough, Adam’s first-round draft pick status has brought unwanted media attention on super private and self-conscious Courtney, who doesn’t understand why she’s being talked about when she didn’t do anything: it’s Adam’s achievement, not hers. On top of that, she hates how she looks in every photo she sees of herself, her mom won’t stop badgering her about the future of her relationship and her brothers have all moved away from home, leaving her bored and lonely all summer.

When she goes to visit Adam in his new hometown and meets the other players’ significant others, she realizes that her tomboy style and blasé attitude toward the gym will have to change fast if she’s going to fit in. Besides, she knows that she needs to make some changes in her workout routine and diet so that she looks better—both in photographs and to Adam—anyway.

As her world continues to change, she finds herself balancing the college life she loves with the pressures of being the supportive girlfriend of an NFL player, and begins obsessing over her weight loss, despite constant warnings from her family and friends that she’s gone overboard. But they don’t understand what she’s going through, that if she can just reach her goal weight that she’ll feel better about herself and then be in the right headspace to finally make some of the massive decisions in front of her.

The third full-length novel in the Taking Flight series, Breaking Tackles is a story of love, hard truths, friendship, food, and football, that captures the pressures and pleasures of growing up.

Breaking Tackles goes on sale September 22nd!

Pre-order at
Amazon | Smashwords 

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friday things.

friday things


I know I’m pretty behind on this, but OMG Rastafarian Targaryen is my new favorite thing.

Maureen Johnson continues to be hilarious in her ribbing of John Green.

Kelly Clarkson covers Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Give Me My Money” (This version is SFW. Which is no fun, but whatevs, she still sounds awesome.)

I deeply do not want Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden to split ways, but I could so be on board with Prince Harry + Jenna.

Speaking of Prince Harry, if you haven’t read The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (aka, The Fug Girls) yet, YOU SHOULD FIX THAT.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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friday things.

friday things

Also! This week marked the one week anniversary of the publication of Taking Flight and it’s currently on sale for super, crazy cheap at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Like, less than something on the dollar menu. You know what to do.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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Happy Bookaversary, Taking Flight!

My first book has been out for a year!

Taking Flight_final cover

Cover design by Paige Doscher


It has existed as a book that people can buy and read for 12 months. 365 days. A lot of hours (I’m too lazy to figure it out and/or Google.)

I am so incredibly grateful for everyone who has read Willa and Dan’s—and my—story. I had no idea what I was doing when I sat down in 2011 and started writing. I didn’t know I would end up working on it for two years. That I’d be brave enough to send it to friends to read. That I would send it to an editor who would love my book as much as I did. That it would end up published.

But here we are. A year after publication. That one book has turned into two and a half. A third is currently in the edit stage, a second novella has been written, and I’m drafting the fourth book.

This is madness.

The best kind of madness.

Thank you so much for reading my books. For loving (or hating!) my characters. For reviewing and rating it on bookseller websites and Goodreads. For your support. It means the world.

If you haven’t read Taking Flight yet—or if you’d like to gift it to a friend because books are the best gifts—it’s on sale for 99 cents all this week at Amazon and B&N!


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friday things.

friday things


Flesh and Bone!

Oh my God this trailer. More importantly: OH MY GOD, SASCHA RADETSKY. (0:14 in trailer)

Zayn is still part of One Direction! IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE.

Stephen Hawking is adorable. And also sometimes a hologram.

True Detective + “Torn”

I am a fan of basically anything that features this song.

This female-focused superhero line from DC is something I will not complain about.

Hilary Duff is on Tinder.

This information delights me.

Happy  Friday! Happy May!


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