Courting Royal

Courting RoyalCourting Royal is an unedited, imperfect contemporary romance published serially on Wattpad.

After graduating from journalism school in the midst of the American recession, Maggie Rhodes became frustrated with freelancing in New York. Having followed the British royal family since she was a child, thanks to the influence of her British grandmother, on the day Prince Benjamin Davenport’s engagement to Emilia Markham is announced, Maggie launches a website devoted to the royal family.

In the years since, her website has flourished. But even though she’s America’s foremost British royals blogger, that doesn’t mean she’s automatically on the media list for the event the now-married Davenports are attending in New York City. So she devises a plan to see them anyway. But what she doesn’t expect is for them to not only see her coming, but to have a proposal of their own for her.


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