Testing Fate

Cover design by Paige Doscher.

Kate Cho is busy. Between pre-med classes, an additional research lab, her sorority duties, her friends, and her family, she barely has time to breathe, let alone think about dating. But when her best friend’s older brother, whom she’s had a low-key crush on for a while, unexpectedly comes to town on a night when she really needs a date, everything changes – and suddenly, she’s thinking that perhaps dating, and even a boyfriend, might be a very good thing.

Ryan Narducci likes for his life to be uncomplicated. His entire life revolves around focusing on his job and keeping up with his big, loud, opinionated family. His sister, Courtney, has been trying to set him up with her friend Kate for nearly a year, and though he’s interested, the timing never seems to work out. That is, until he finds himself in the same town as Kate on a fateful night and realizes just how nice a little bit of complication might be.

As Kate and Ryan navigate the complicated route that is beginning a relationship, life throws every complication it can their way: Ryan’s ex pops back up in his life, Kate’s very traditional parents introduce her to a guy she can’t help but admit is intriguing, and their busy schedules hardly ever seem to sync.

Rife with flirtation, anticipation, and uncertainty, Testing Fate tells a story of how confusing, motivating, exhausting, and liberating embracing change – and love – can be.


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