Taking Flight


Taking Flight_final cover

My precious.

So, there’s a story behind this cover.

When I first started writing Taking Flight back in 2011, there was a night when I had hit a block and I didn’t know what to do.

So I went on Pinterest.

Because Pinterest.

And it was there that I saw this image and I thought, “Oh, holy bazoo, that is Willa and Dan.” So I very hastily created a Taking Flight Pinterest board so I could save this image and other random photos/quotes/gifs that reminded me of my characters or inspired me, and then look at them when I needed a little extra kick in the ass when writing.

Fast forward to about a couple months ago. My cover designer, the wonderful Paige Doscher, showed me some images she thought would make for great covers.

And in the mix was this image.

I’d never shown it to her. Had never told her about the Pinterest board. It was kismet.

I had to have this photo as my cover.

That turned out to be a bit of a challenge! Paige thought she had pulled the image from a stock photo service, but it turns out that she didn’t and she couldn’t remember where she found the photo. We looked for alternate images, but none of them felt as right as this one.

So Paige found the photographer, Emmy Lou Virginia, and reached out to her, explaining the pickle we’d found ourselves in.

Luckily, Emmy is the NICEST, LOVELIEST HUMAN EVER and agreed to let us use her photo as the cover!

And so here it is. I’m completely thrilled with this cover—it’s just exactly right. It perfectly captures Dan and Willa and the tone of everything I wanted the cover to hit.

So that’s the story! I hope y’all love this cover as much as I do (probably less than I do, but, let’s be honest, no one is going to love it as much as I do) and are having a great Friday!

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