Taking Flight

Taking Flight Teaser Tuesday: The Sexy Times.

To write about sex or not to write about sex? That is a question every author has to ask.


Okay, probably not.

But it’s something I had to ask myself. And the answer for me was immediately, “Duh.”

This is mostly because I’m a person who doesn’t think that sex should be a taboo subject—not that it should be marginalized or that the decision to have sex shouldn’t be a big deal—but I think that having mature, healthy conversations about sex is important. And because sex does play such a huge role in people’s lives—especially when people are horny teenagers—I felt that writing about sex was a no brainer.

Especially since my aim with Taking Flight was to write as close to reality as possible while still telling a good story.

But that doesn’t mean writing about sex was easy. It fact it was extremely, ridiculously awkward and difficult and uncomfortable, and the first time I wrote something sexy and sent it to a friend for feedback I actually covered my face with a pillow and screamed because the very idea that someone was reading sexy bits that came out of my brain made me so embarrassed I didn’t want my face to be exposed to the air in my bedroom.

For real.

Getting over that has been a bit of a long road, but I think I’m over it.


plane divider

Dan’s lips are on mine and our kisses are deep and desperate. Even though my mind is racing, trying to process everything that’s happened in the last couple hours and whether or not I’m heartbroken or relieved, feeling him kiss me erases everything and I let myself get lost in the feel of him.

 Our hands and mouths are all over each other, remembering the way our bodies feel together. I run my hands over Dan’s arms, his biceps clearly larger than I recall, and up under his shirt, feeling his defined abs. His skin is hot against my cool hands and I want to feel more of him against me. I pull his shirt up and over his head, and he follows suit with mine, obviously feeling as impatient as I do.

 “Yes?” he asks, his breath rapid, his eyes hopeful.

 “Oh, hell yes,” I say, grabbing his face with both of my hands and pulling his lips to mine. I want to devour him.

Taking Flight | Sexy Teaser

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