Taking Flight

Taking Flight: The Playlist

When you’re writing a book, all of a sudden everything in life reminds you of your characters.

Or, at least, that’s what happened for me.

I’m not a person who copes well with silence (it seriously freaks me out), so when I write I like to have some sort of noise, whether it be the drone of something on TV or music or the ambient noises of wherever I happen to be writing at the time, which for me, if I’m not at home or using my lunch break at work to write, is in a coffee shop or airport. But with music, I’d normally use Pandora or a radio station on Spotify and every now and then there’d songs that would reach out and smack me in the face with how much they reminded me of my characters or provide inspiration for a certain scene or moment in the book.

So I began saving compiling into a playlist to listen to when I was writing or revising or when I wanted to get into the mindset of Willa or Dan. Some of the songs are purely inspirational, while others make an appearance in my slightly (ha!) pop culture-centric book.



Taking Flight_final cover

Taking Flight is available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

One thought on “Taking Flight: The Playlist

  1. this is a great part of the book. You have learned who Willa and Dan are, enjoyed their friendship and are more than ready for this scene. They’re great kids with bright futures. Erin made you feel like it was ME standing there and seeing Dan through more than friendship eyes for the first time. I think this book is a GREAT READ!! Looking forward to more from Erin Brown.

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