friday (monday) things.

friday things


It’s Monday. Not Friday.

But today’s edition of Friday Things is happening on Monday. Which is sort of mean of me. But.


1. Begin Again

If this movie is playing near you, GO SEE IT. It’s wonderful.

2. Justin Peck named Choreographer at NYC Ballet

This makes my heart so incredibly happy. I’ve seen both of Peck’s ballets for the NYCB—both scored by Sufjan Stevens (I KNOW.)—and they were wonderful and amazing and delightful. He is a bright hot talent and I’m so pleased for him in a way that probably doesn’t make sense to be for a person you have never met.

But here we are with that.

3. My last week in NYC

Me and Rainbow Rowell!


Seeing the NY Philharmonic at Central Park.
Oscar hanging out at the Boat Basin during my going away party.


While it’s not making me happy to leave NYC, my last week has been wonderful. I got to write a lot and hang out with my dog and watch the entire first season of The Witches of East End and meet Rainbow Rowell and catch up with friends. Not too shabby.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and are having a happy Monday!

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