friday things

friday things.

friday things

This article from New York Mag’s The Cut on mistakes made while high on Taylor Swift. We’ve all been there. (I may or may not be wearing cat ear RIGHT MEOW. Meaning, I am totally wearing cat ears right meow. #halloween)

This Buzzfeed list of what Jane Austen character Tinder profiles would be like amused me. (Hint: Mary’s from Pride & Prejudice is awesome.)

-Elle UK got a whole bunch of your favorite actor dudes (Read: Hiddles, JGL, Cumberbatch( together to talk about feminism and took photos of them wearing a truly awesome shirt. Related and spoilerish: Elijah on this week’s The Originals says “As a devout feminist I will not say you punch like a girl.” It is wonderful. God bless those writers.

-And, because it’s Halloween, here is The Monster Mash. Because I love it so.

-And, also because it’s Halloween, the opening song from The Sing-Off a couple years ago because it is THE BEST.


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