Finding Slope

Announcing Finding Slope!

Remember how I teased you about a new book of mine that would be coming out soon?

That book is Finding Slope!

Finding Slope Announcement
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Technically, it’s a novella. So, a short book. Longer than a short story, shorter than a full-length novel. Totally easy to read on a lazy, preferably snowy, afternoon curled up on the couch with a blanket and mug of hot chocolate.

It comes out March 10th, and I think a few of you will be pretty excited about the two main characters of this one.

So without further ado . . .

A spring break ski trip turns into the reunion Willa Thompson and Dan Martin never saw coming.

 After months of not talking, Willa and Dan run into each other at the last place they thought they would—a ski lodge in Colorado. Neither of them expected to see the other during spring break, and certainly never expected to meet their ex’s new college friends.

Dan sees this as his last opportunity to win Willa back and wants to make the most of the week together. He knows that they can make long distance work, and when he hears that they may both be in New York for the summer, he’s more determined than ever to convince the girl of his dreams that they should try to have a relationship again. Third time’s the charm, right?

But Willa isn’t sure if that’s for the best—they broke up for a reason, after all, and their circumstances haven’t changed. They’re still going to different colleges, they’re still long distance, and they still have no idea how to make that work.

But then again, when Willa is honest with herself, she knows that she wants to spend time with Dan. That she wants to see where the week in Colorado may take them. That she wants them to end up together. She just isn’t sure how—or even if—that’s supposed to happen.

In this Taking Flight novella, set against the snowy, stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Willa and Dan have to face the truth about their relationship and decide if they want to run back up that slippery slope together, or go their separate ways.

You can add Finding Slope on Goodreads here!

And read the first chapter on Wattpad now!

Watch this space for the cover reveal, teasers, pre-order information, and more exciting Finding Slope stuff!

And if you haven’t read Taking Flight and/or Making Headlines yet, now is the perfect time to catch up!

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