friday things

friday things.

friday things

So, this past week or so has been a little bit insane—I’m engaged! And got a dog! And am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo!

Pretty much all of my time outside of work has been spent scouring the Internet trying to figure out how to plan a wedding in the U.S. when you live abroad, playing with/feeding/walking/worrying about the new dog, and squeezing in time to write. I am woefully behind on my word count. 😦

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t found a few fun things on the Internet.

 Jon Snow!

My favorite is when he uses the knives to make the Iron Throne.

Also, I’m so freaking excited for GoT to be back, mostly because HBO is airing it at the same time worldwide, which means I get to watch it at 8:30am on Mondays. NO SPOILERS, WOO! (I mean, I’ve read the books, so it’s not like there are real spoilers for me. But. You know what I mean.)

The Worst News.

Apparently Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are taking a break. I am super bummed about this. I love them together. They seem totally cool and completely normal and it seemed like that just liked each other so much, you know? I really hope that it’s only a break, but I know that it isn’t really and that everything is over and love is dead now. *wails and gnashes teeth*

James  Corden + Josh Gad!

I am a dork and am delighted by this. Mostly because singing. And because I am sincerely charmed by James Corden at all times.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a lovely weekend!



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