Taking Flight

Happy Bookaversary, Taking Flight!

My first book has been out for a year!

Taking Flight_final cover
Cover design by Paige Doscher


It has existed as a book that people can buy and read for 12 months. 365 days. A lot of hours (I’m too lazy to figure it out and/or Google.)

I am so incredibly grateful for everyone who has read Willa and Dan’s—and my—story. I had no idea what I was doing when I sat down in 2011 and started writing. I didn’t know I would end up working on it for two years. That I’d be brave enough to send it to friends to read. That I would send it to an editor who would love my book as much as I did. That it would end up published.

But here we are. A year after publication. That one book has turned into two and a half. A third is currently in the edit stage, a second novella has been written, and I’m drafting the fourth book.

This is madness.

The best kind of madness.

Thank you so much for reading my books. For loving (or hating!) my characters. For reviewing and rating it on bookseller websites and Goodreads. For your support. It means the world.

If you haven’t read Taking Flight yet—or if you’d like to gift it to a friend because books are the best gifts—it’s on sale for 99 cents all this week at Amazon and B&N!


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