Breaking Tackles


Hey, guess what?

My new book, Breaking Tackles, will go on sale September 22nd!


Breaking Tackles - Final Cover
Cover design by Paige Doscher


Courtney Narducci and Adam Kistler have loved each other since they were kids. It just took them years to figure it out. Now that they’re finally together, they’re determined that nothing will break them apart.

When Adam is drafted into the NFL, he has to move away from the university life Courtney isn’t quite ready to leave behind. If that change weren’t big enough, Adam’s first-round draft pick status has brought unwanted media attention on super private and self-conscious Courtney, who doesn’t understand why she’s being talked about when she didn’t do anything: it’s Adam’s achievement, not hers. On top of that, she hates how she looks in every photo she sees of herself, her mom won’t stop badgering her about the future of her relationship and her brothers have all moved away from home, leaving her bored and lonely all summer.

When she goes to visit Adam in his new hometown and meets the other players’ significant others, she realizes that her tomboy style and blasé attitude toward the gym will have to change fast if she’s going to fit in. Besides, she knows that she needs to make some changes in her workout routine and diet so that she looks better—both in photographs and to Adam—anyway.

As her world continues to change, she finds herself balancing the college life she loves with the pressures of being the supportive girlfriend of an NFL player, and begins obsessing over her weight loss, despite constant warnings from her family and friends that she’s gone overboard. But they don’t understand what she’s going through, that if she can just reach her goal weight that she’ll feel better about herself and then be in the right headspace to finally make some of the massive decisions in front of her.

The third full-length novel in the Taking Flight series, Breaking Tackles is a story of love, hard truths, friendship, food, and football, that captures the pressures and pleasures of growing up.

Breaking Tackles goes on sale September 22nd!

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