friday things

friday things.

friday things


I want to eat these ingenious apple and bacon stuffed sweet potatoes every day. [Recipe from the archives of my fave food blog, How Sweet Eats]

In case you haven’t already viewed this 10 million times, here’s Taylor Swift’s video for Wildest Dreams. It has Scott Eastwood. And African animals. And Tay as a brunette wearing this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS SO GORGEOUS yellow chiffon dress that I will never be able to wear ever because I can’t afford it and also because it would be hideous on me. Yellow isn’t my friend.

You all probably already know about Starter for 10, but I just discovered it and cherish it. Baby* James McAvoy! Baby Dominic Cooper! Baby James Corden! Baby Rebecca Hall! Baby Alice Eve! Catherine Tate! Charles Dance! BOTH BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH & MARK GATISS in non-Holmes roles!
*Baby = In 2006. Which is when this movie was made. And is before most of these actors were on my radar.

Over at The Toast: Let’s Be Real: Two Women in Their Latter 20s Watch the 2005 Pride & Prejudice is definitely something you want to read.

Also from The Toast, someone please help Mallory Ortberg figure out what in the shit this medieval art beast is.

Only adding to popular opinion, I like the Halsey album. A lot.

Queen of Shadows is herrrreeeeeee! If you haven’t started this addictive series by Sarah J. Maas, why haven’t you? You should do that. Do it.

From The Cut, a lady swears it’s possible to use YouTube as a guide to cutting your own hair proving she is braver than I am.

This 10-year-old girl interviews professional football players and it is awesome. Also, kudos to Antonio Brown for just straight up answering her serious questions instead of gawking at her. Also also, Andrew Luck seems kind of great.

Happy Friday everyone!

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