Breaking Tackles

friday things.

friday things

I know freaking everyone is talking about this week but it’s for good reason. Because OMG THE RYAN ADAMS COVER OF TAYLOR SWIFT’S “STYLE”. Also: the entire damn album.

Disclosure and Lorde released a new song together! And it’s catchy af.

SERIAL. Or perhaps Sara Koenig is writing a movie with Mark Boal. EITHER WAY.

J.K. Rowling dropped some Potter family history as if that ain’t no thang.

In further Harry Potter news this week, Potterheads are leaving handwritten notes about how much they love the books and how the series impacted their lives for other people to find. Best.

Three words: Tailgating nuns, y’all.

Giraffes apparently hum constantly throughout the night. For some reason, I find this information soothing.

This week, Mallory Ortberg ranks all of the songs on DC Talk’s album, Jesus Freak. There is a reference to Agape Music Fest. YEP.

This quiz about naming ballet moves based on a gif is relevant to my interests.

It may not be American football, but watch this Polish soccerfootball player score five goals in nine minutes. It’s crazy impressive.

Happy Friday!

P.S. My newest book, Breaking Tackles is on sale right now for $2.99. That’s right. Cheaper than a pumpkin spice latte. Do it to it, friends.

Cover design by Paige Doscher.
Cover design by Paige Doscher.

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