friday things

friday things.

friday things


Let’s start things off right: here’s a wonderful dog photobombing an engagement photo shoot.

Oh hey! The U.S. Gymnastics Team is still crushing it.

GUYS. Beyoncé and Channing Tatum are facing off against each other on Lip Sync Battle. If this isn’t considered A Television Event, then I don’t know what is.

ALSO. Beyoncé is obsessed with HamiltonAll together now, we chant: “just like us.” (Also also, I often miss things on Twitter because hemisphere problems, so this article also informed me that Lin-Manuel Miranda calls Jonathan Groff “Groffsauce”.)

I love this: Lego refused to fill Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s order because they don’t support political art or something, so fans are sending him Legos.

Mila Kunis + Christina Applegate + Kristen Bell is obviously a movie we all want to see. I wouldn’t even care what it was about, but according to EW, it sounds like it’s going to be the grown-up version of Mean Girls. I’M IN. Obviously.

The premiere of Spectre in London was one hell of a red carpet. It featured The Kensington Royals and Joan Collins. Let us all chuck our NaNoWriMo ideas out and write fan-fic of Kate Middleton and Joan Collins being broads together instead.

Speaking of the Kensington Royals, Prince Harry popped over to the U.S. this week. As ever, The Fug Girls recapped his Invictus Games event* with Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden, and this particular photo is SO GOOD.

*P.S. The Invictus Games is coming to Orlando next year AND WE ALL MUST GO. Duh.

In case you aren’t already receiving emails from The Skimm, a crazy handy daily email that tells you all the news you should know, you should definitely sign up to do that. It’s informative and witty and brings me great joy.

I always enjoy a think piece about television and this one from New Yorker‘s Emily Nussbaum about advertising (that is actually from a couple weeks ago, but I just read this week. Oops!) is particularly great.

I also always enjoy when people write about totally normal things are that are totally unsavory, like this piece about periods and the joys of wearing panties made for periods.

Look at these literary maps!

And, since tomorrow is Halloween, please watch this glorious mash-up of Halloweeny songs.

Happy Friday!


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Cover design by Paige Doscher.

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