Saying Yes

Surprise! Announcing Saying Yes!

Well, HELLO.

I wrote a new book. It’s called Saying Yes. You can buy it today!

Cover design by Paige Doscher

That’s right: today. It is on sale right now, at this very moment, and you can buy it, download it, and gobble it up right this second if you’d like.

What’s the book about?


The only thing Kip McGraw has ever wanted is to ski in the Olympics. That is, until he realizes that he’d also like to have a relationship with Rufus Williams, the Australian NYU freshman he met during spring break and thinks about constantly. He doesn’t want to compromise his skiing career just because he has a raging crush—for the first time ever—on someone, and knows that the best thing to do is to focus on skiing, not Rufus. They’d have to be long distance anyway, and everyone knows that never goes well. Kip decides to forget about Rufus, his accent, and his perfect face—but that’s easier said than done.

Rufus Williams never expected to fall for anyone—especially not a high school senior who lives half a country away. But as he finds himself thinking about—and getting to know—more and more about Kip, he knows that the attraction between them could be the real thing. But, because of the distance and Kip’s skiing goals, Rufus knows that they’ll never have an actual shot at a relationship—let alone when he and Kip will ever be in the same place again. If he could only stop thinking about him, and writing characters for his screenplay class that look like him, all would be peachy.

Then, when Willa Thompson calls Kip to invite him to attend their friends’ Adam and Courtney’s surprise proposal in New York City, Rufus and Kip realize that they’ll have an entire weekend in New York City together. And a lot can happen in forty-eight hours.

Set during the proposal weekend in Breaking Tackles and against the backdrop of New York City, this companion novella to the Taking Flight series is full of friendship, flirting, and saying yes.

You read that right. This is Kip and Rufus’s story. Get excited.

Saying Yes announcementSaying Yes is Available Now!

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