friday things

friday things.

friday things

Good news! Science now says that drinking champagne can save your brain.

60 Minutes has SO MANY VIDEOS ABOUT HAMILTON ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!  Four for you 60 Minutes, you go 60 Minutes!

So, this idea of dorms for “grown-ups” seems pretty cool to me. Especially for those years when you’re just out of school and have no idea what you’re doing/can’t afford anything/don’t want to live at home/want to make friends but have no idea how to make friends when you don’t have school in common.

Similarly, we should all take a cue from these besties and build our own Bestie Rows.

Ever wondered why “Mrs” has an “r” in it? Wonder no more!

There are apps now that will match you up with DOGS and let you have playdates.

For those of you beginning to experience winter (I’m so jealous because I’m sitting here sweating to death in Singapore), might I interest you in the Norwegian secret to enjoying the cold? I thought so.

Noted girl crush Anna Kendrick is in the “live action” trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefront video game.

This week, Jennifer Lawrence is bae. (But I need to state for the record that the lede in this article is HEINOUS and I hate it and that is probably why I’m not a Vogue editor.)

I quite enjoyed this NPR story on The Art of the Clean Version, which takes us inside the editing process of cleaning up hip-hop and rap music to make them radio-friendly.

This is super fun: read all about Gustave Eiffel’s secret apartment in the Eiffel Tower. And, if you’re going to Paris soon, you can see it!

From The Toast: Unsolicited Advice for the Six Wives of King Henry VIII, Working Within Their Social Parameters and Not Suggesting They Just Invent Feminism Because That’s Anachronistic.

Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses has been optioned for a film!!!

And Taylor Swift donated $25,000 worth of Scholastic books to New York City schools because she is a book fairy.

Happy Friday!



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Cover design by Paige Doscher

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