friday things

friday things.

The Toast has said what we’ve all been thinking: People in Tiny Houses Can’t Have Sex.

This Drake + Father John Misty mash-up is giving me life.

Look at these ridiculously gorgeous photos of ballet dancers.

A lady has painted the first page of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s/Philosopher’s Stone on her wall. IN THE HARRY POTTER FONT.

Related: the guy who played Goyle in the Harry Potter movies is now an MMA fighter. Sure.

Of interest: girl crush Emma Watson interviewed badass Geena Davis for Interview.

The marketing team for the new Ghostbusters movie are a bunch of geniuses and made a video for Administrative Professionals’ Day that is full of Chris Hemsworth for our collective ogling.

Also from The Toast: If John Boyega Were Your Boyfriend.

The art installation on top of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (where an entire scene  in Taking Flight takes place!) this year is going to be a replica of the Psycho house.

To gear up for the Invictus Games, POTUS and FLOTUS sent Prince Harry a smack talk video. He replied in kind. WITH THE QUEEN. #boom

If you haven’t been reading my serialized royal romance, Courting Royal you can totally catch up now! There are ten chapters live on Wattpad!

Happy Friday, everyone!


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