Taking Flight

Taking Flight Teaser Tuesday: Airport Bookstores and F-Bombs


It’s Tuesday! It’s Teaser Tuesday!

And on this Teaser Tuesday I have for you one of my favorite scenes of the book.

It takes place in an airport bookstore and has an f-bomb in it.

I’m not sorry.

So, in case one of your questions about Taking Flight is whether or not the teens cuss the answer is YES OF COURSE HAVE YOU EVER MEET A TEENAGER?

Because they cuss. A lot.

So, here is your Taking Flight teaser for the week, complete with f-bomb and more than a little angst.


As I turn to go to the register, I bump into someone. I still have my headphones in, so I mumble an apology without looking up and keep making my way to the front of store. But I’m not getting very far since the person has grabbed my hand. Which is highly weird. With my free hand I yank the headphones out of my ears and whip around, trying all the while to free my enslaved hand.

“Please let go of . . . ” my words trail off as my brain recognizes the person I’m looking at. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Hey Wils,” Dan says sheepishly. I hate him. I want to slap him. I want to run away from him. I want to push him against the wall and violently make out with him.

Because I have zero idea of which of these options I should pursue, I stand there.

“Your plane inexplicably grounded, too?

I continue to stare, untrusting of my body and mouth and self. I know that if I let myself do anything other than stare I’ll tell him I love him despite myself and then all of my resolving will be for naught.

But he looks so damn good that I desperately want to break my News Year’s resolution.


TF Dan 1

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