Saying Yes

Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {2}

HELLO. It’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for a new Saying Yes teaser! This one is from Kip’s perspective. It involves a club and dancing and having mild panic attacks. Enjoy! I start dancing my way through the throng of people, making my way over to Rufus. When I’m finally close to him, I grab his… Continue reading Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {2}

Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {4}

Guys. We are a mere TWO WEEKS away from Breaking Tackles being released! *does silly touchdown dance* This week’s teaser is from Adam’s perspective, and from a chapter that I actually got super nervous to write while writing. Like, I had to actually get up and walk around just to get rid of some of the nervous energy… Continue reading Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {4}

Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {3}

Happy September!! You know what that means—fall is nearly upon those of you in the Northern Hemisphere (jealous. so jealous.), pumpkin spice lattes are going to be available in a matter of days, and Breaking Tackles comes out in a measly 22 days. Speaking of, it’s Tuesday! Teaser Tuesday! The day that I post a teaser from… Continue reading Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {3}

Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {2}

Oh, hello. Yes, you’re right, today is Tuesday which means that you get a new teaser from Breaking Tackles. This one’s an Adam teaser. (That’s right. I teased the teaser.) Get excited. She sighs again, crossing her arms over her chest, and quickly says, “I’m number eighteen on the twenty hottest girlfriends of the draft.” “What in the… Continue reading Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {2}

Finding Slope

Finding Slope Teaser Tuesday {1}

Hello! It’s Tuesday, it’s Teaser Tuesday! Technically, this isn’t the first Finding Slope teaser I’ve posted—that one actually came on Valentine’s Day, which seemed appropriate. But today is the first Teaser Tuesday, so I’ve decided this still counts as the first. You get what I mean. Anywhoodle. Today’s teaser comes from one of my favorite… Continue reading Finding Slope Teaser Tuesday {1}