Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {2}

Oh, hello.

Yes, you’re right, today is Tuesday which means that you get a new teaser from Breaking Tackles.

This one’s an Adam teaser.

(That’s right. I teased the teaser.)

Get excited.

She sighs again, crossing her arms over her chest, and quickly says, “I’m number eighteen on the twenty hottest girlfriends of the draft.”

“What in the world are you talking about?”

“There’s this sports blog that ranked the twenty hottest girlfriends of the draft,” she says. “I’m number eighteen.”

Jesus. Christ.

How anyone could ever put Courtney at eighteen, I don’t understand. She is seriously smokin’. A curvy, sexy brunette with legs for days and eyes the color of milk chocolate.

“That blogger is an idiot,” I say.

“I was actually surprised I even made the list,” she says, trying to keep her tone light. But I can tell that this is a big deal for her.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand how you didn’t top the list.”

“Come on,” Courtney says. “Look at me. I’m totally normal. Which I’ve always been fine with. But you can’t deny that most of the girlfriends and wives of athletes err on the side of model.”

She’s right, I can’t deny that—hell, my brothers are guilty of what Courtney is saying—but I don’t find those girls nearly as pretty as Courtney.

“You’re not totally normal,” I say. “You’re so beautiful. I’ve always thought so.”

“Which is why you dated a tall, skinny, blonde volleyball player all through high school,” Courtney says flatly.

Sometimes the fact that she has known me my entire life really comes back to bite me in the ass.

“If I had known I could have dated you without your brothers trying to kill me, I would have!”

“As if they weren’t trying to kill you on the football field anyway.”

She has a point.


BT Teaser. Adam 1
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