friday things

friday things.

friday things


  • This comic about a snarky, dismissive Dumbledore is hysterical.
  • You should all plan to come visit me in Singapore next month so that we can eat Bat-Waffles together at the new DC Superhero Café.
  • In sports, football* is nearly upon us (THANK GOD) and even if you don’t care about football and don’t watch Hard Knocks, the reviews over on Grantland are seriously entertaining and might make you reconsider your stance on football and/or football players and/or watching Hard Knocks. (Guys, in the first episode of this season, all one of the rookies talks about is how much he loves Game of Thrones. And in the second, the starting wide receiver talks about how he wants a Yorkie so that he can buy a manbag and take his Yorkie to the club. HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO WATCH THIS.)
  • This quiz about which Friday Night Lights guy you should date is The Most Important Quiz of Our Time. (I got Landry. That seems about right, actually.)
  • On an entirely different subject, The Royal Giftshop has launched a line of official china to mark QE2 as the longest reigning British monarch. In the words of The Fug Girls, “NEW MUG AHOY.”
  • If any of you would like to buy me this mug, that would be very nice of you and I would appreciate it a whole lot.

Happy Friday, everyone!

*My new book, Breaking Tackles, has lots of football. And kissing. You can pre-order now at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore Smashwords.


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