Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {1}

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the first Teaser Tuesday for Breaking Tackles!

*confetti cannons*

So, this first teaser comes from a scene in the book that finds Adam and Courtney in very new territory: a long distance relationship.

(I know, all my books deal with distance. Eventually I’ll write one that doesn’t, but NOW IS NOT THAT TIME.)

In any case, this scene has Adam and Courtney seeing each other after some time apart and it’s a bit swoony.

I figured it’s always a good idea to start off on a swoony note.

Happy reading!

As I scan the baggage claim area from the top of the escalator, I don’t see Adam anywhere. And he’s the type of guy to stand out, considering his size. I grab my phone and realize that I never turned it off of airplane mode.

I swipe and wait as my phone reconnects to the signal, and then see a message from my mom, asking if we landed safely, but nothing from Adam.

Maybe he’s just running a little late from practice. That’s entirely possible.

As I get to the bottom of the escalator, I pause and look around before walking toward the exit. I only packed a carry-on, so there’s no need for me to wait at the baggage claim. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my waist, spinning me around, and I’m face to face with Adam, whom I barely register before he grabs my face and meets my lips with his.

The kiss is deep and long and hot.

Way too hot for a kiss anywhere in public.

When we break apart, I feel flushed and short of breath and very, very turned on.

BT Teaser. Courtney Kiss
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