Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {7}

Oh, hello. It’s Tuesday. Which means that there’s not football today. OR TOMORROW. Sad there isn’t any football for the next two whole days? You could fill that void by reading Breaking Tackles from your fave online bookstore. It has football! And jokes! And friendship! And a love story! Check out the teaser below, and if… Continue reading Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {7}

Breaking Tackles

Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {1}

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the first Teaser Tuesday for Breaking Tackles! *confetti cannons* So, this first teaser comes from a scene in the book that finds Adam and Courtney in very new territory: a long distance relationship. (I know, all my books deal with distance. Eventually I’ll write one that doesn’t, but NOW… Continue reading Breaking Tackles Teaser Tuesday {1}

Making Headlines

Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {4}

Here we are. One week before the publication date. (Aka, the date all of you lovelies FINALLY get to read Making Headlines.)  Which obviously means it’s time for the sexy teaser. I’m not going to ramble on too much because I know that you’re like, SEXY TEASER NOW, AUTHOR LADY. So here it is. HAPPY READING. ❡❣‽… Continue reading Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {4}

Taking Flight

Taking Flight Teaser Tuesday: Coffee & Curiosity

It’s Tuesday, it’s Teaser Tuesday! This week’s Taking Flight teaser is full of fun banter, random information about NYC, coffee, and curiosity. Enjoy! “Why do parents think it’s okay to bring an irritable infant on a flight? Or, really, anywhere? All babies do is scream and poop and throw up. I really don’t understand why… Continue reading Taking Flight Teaser Tuesday: Coffee & Curiosity