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Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {3}

Hello and Happy December!

Lucky for us, December begins on a Tuesday this year.

Which means that it’s December 1st and Teaser Tuesday.

Rabbit, rabbit, indeed.

Happy reading!

“So, word on the street is that you bailed out of a date the other night,” Dan says. When the four of us met up to help Jack with her script, she actually didn’t bring the date up. Hasn’t brought it up to me at all, actually. But I guess that didn’t stop her from telling Dan.

“Yeah,” I say. “I’ve become one of you hopeless romantics who pines for the one who is far away.”

Dan laughs and says, “But Kip won’t be so far away in a couple hours.”

“I know, and I’m trying so bloody hard not to freak out about it.”

“Why would you freak out?” Dan asks.

“Would you believe me if I said that I don’t know what to do?”

“In what way?”

I sigh. It’s so hard to explain this to people. But I guess if anyone would get it, it would be Dan. So instead of trying to explain I say, “I know it seems fast, but I really like him. I can see us together. Which I know seems completely mad, especially considering the distance. And the utter lack of a future.”

“Ah ha,” he says, nodding. “Distance can be daunting. Why do you say there’s an utter lack of a future?”

“Uh, because he wants to ski in the Olympics. That’s a long commitment that does not have room for a relationship. He basically told me as much the other day.”

“The idea of long distance seems really daunting,” Dan says. “But I promise that the reality of it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If the two of you really want to give things a try, then you should. See if it works out. Besides, tons of serious athletes are in relationships. There’s always those personal interest stories about them during the Olympics.”

“Yeah, but at the age of eighteen and when it’s long bloody distance?”

“I know it seems impossible,” Dan says. “But if you both want it, then you’ll work it out.”

I sigh, but nod along as if that makes sense. Until I realize it doesn’t. “But I mean, we’re not anything. We text and flirt and I have a ferocious crush on him. With any other guy, I’d hook up with him a time or two and get it out of my system. But I know—I don’t know how, but I know—that it wouldn’t be like that with Kip. There’d be no getting him out of my system. I don’t know if I want to give into all of my urges and try something with him this weekend because that would mean jumping headfirst into either an extremely difficult relationship or certain heartbreak.”

“Well,” Dan says. “Would you rather not ever know and regret it, or jump headfirst into certain heartbreak and enjoy the free fall while it lasts?”

“Neither,” I say. “Maybe Kip will get here and he’ll suddenly be ugly and annoying and my crush on him will disappear.”

Dan cracks up at that as we hang a left onto Thirteenth Street.

Saying Yes Teaser 3

Cover design by Paige Doscher
Cover design by Paige Doscher

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