friday things.

friday things


I will always link to listicles glorifying Anna Kendrick’s tweets.

So, a bunch of contemporary writers are writing contemporary versions of Shakespearean plays. Cool. (I mean, it’s not like contemporary writers don’t already write contemporary versions [retellings, reimaginings, riffs. etc] of Shakespeare’s plays. But this is very direct. I like honesty.)

This is fun: a Brazilian publisher has launched Ticket Books, a project where classic novels and comics will double as subway tickets.

This is also fun: a British guy who went to a record store to have a CD signed by Public Enemy and ended up giving them a ride to their gig, resulting in the greatest selfie of this guy’s life.

Do you know someone who is obsessed with John Oliver? This is what you should get them for Christmas. You’re welcome.

The guy in the back right of this step aerobics workout video is my spirit animal.

Here’s are the things Mallory Ortberg has yelled at her TV while watching The Tudors.

I try really hard not to be overly political—largely because I’m not a huge fan of politics—but I’d like to think I’m a caring, kind, reasonable person. And so, please indulge me as I share the following: This NPR piece about a hotel in Vienna run by refugees is heartwarming and joyous. And this short New Yorker piece about a Syrian family who is resettling in Connecticut is tear-jerking: they are so grateful to be in the U.S. and also so very afraid and daunted by their new country. If you feel so inclined and are able, do consider donating winter goods or lending financial support to The UN Refugee Agency.

Also: Prince Harry is perfect and his efforts to fight poaching are perfect and his photos from visiting Africa are perfect.

Happy Friday!

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