Making Headlines

Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {3}

Bonjour, mes amis et bienvenue a le troisième, uh, teaser for Making Headlines!

(I’ve been practicing my French. Because now that I live in a country that is not the U.S., I feel like I should know another language. French is the best I’ve got. Unfortunately, I took four years in college and still speak it like a toddler. Le sigh.)

In today’s teaser, you get to meet Emma Farrell, one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. She’s a photographer, she has many a tattoo, and she likes to change her hair color on a weekly basis.

She is much, much cooler and ballsier than I will ever be, is what I’m saying.

You also get to hang out with Willa from Taking Flight for a brief moment (She was mentioned very vaguely in the first teaser I posted), which means that, yes, Willa and Dan are both in Making Headlines!

So, for those of you who read Taking Flight and were like, “Good book and all, but WHAT?” at the end, you’ll get your answer. Whether or not it’s the answer you’re hoping for . . . *smiles wickedly*

Okay, I’ll shut up now so you can get to the teaser.

I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!

(Also, OMG Making Headlines comes out in TWO WEEKS!)


When Willa and I arrive at the tailgate, my eyes involuntarily begin searching for Luke. I see him in line for food with Emma.

“I’ll go say hi to my dad and find you in a bit,” Willa says, winking at me.

I head toward the food, my stomach growling violently as I get closer to it.

“Hey guys,” I say as I get in line behind Emma and Luke.

“Well hello there, my little gumshoe,” Emma exclaims before hugging me. I catch Luke’s eye and he smiles slowly, making me want to climb him in front of everyone here. That damn smile of his is going to be the death of me.

“How’d you sleep?” he asks quietly as I pile my plate high with food.

 “Best rest of my life. You?”


 We head over to one of the tables set up under the tent and I dig into my food like I’ve never had any in my life.

 “I hear you guys had an eventful night,” Emma says.

 “Well, it was more productive than eventful,” I say, taking a huge bite of buffalo chicken mac and cheese. “Still a few things we need to clear up.”

 Luke’s hand finds its way to my knee and he starts rubbing the inside of my leg the way he did mere hours ago. I nearly purr it feels so good.

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If you’d like to read more, the first two chapters are available NOW on Wattpad!

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