Finding Slope

Finding Slope Cover Reveal!

Wanna see something pretty?   It’s the Finding Slope cover! And this is how I feel about it. ADDITIONALLY! Finding Slope goes on sale in ONE MONTH. You can pre-order on Amazon here.* And you can add it to Goodreads here. And you can read the first chapter on Wattpad here. SO MANY THINGS. SO… Continue reading Finding Slope Cover Reveal!

Making Headlines

Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {2}

Good morning, and welcome to the second Making Headlines teaser! This week, I give you a little piece of Luke’s perspective, which includes flirting, a truck, thoughts of campfires, talk of barbecue, and lusty infatuation. Because lusty infatuation is the most fun kind of infatuation. I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! ❡❣‽ At exactly sixty minutes past the… Continue reading Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {2}

Taking Flight

Taking Flight Teaser Tuesday: Airport Bookstores and F-Bombs

Hello! It’s Tuesday! It’s Teaser Tuesday! And on this Teaser Tuesday I have for you one of my favorite scenes of the book. It takes place in an airport bookstore and has an f-bomb in it. I’m not sorry. So, in case one of your questions about Taking Flight is whether or not the teens… Continue reading Taking Flight Teaser Tuesday: Airport Bookstores and F-Bombs