Making Headlines

Making Headlines Teaser Tuesday {2}

Good morning, and welcome to the second Making Headlines teaser!

This week, I give you a little piece of Luke’s perspective, which includes flirting, a truck, thoughts of campfires, talk of barbecue, and lusty infatuation.

Because lusty infatuation is the most fun kind of infatuation.

I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!


At exactly sixty minutes past the time we hung up, I see Sophie walk out of her dorm. In a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots, all I want to do is take her to the lake, build a campfire, and hold her close to me. I get out of the truck and walk over to her side to open the door.

“Thank you kindly,” she says, stepping up on the running board. When I’m back in the driver’s seat, I look over at her before I shift gears and can’t say that I don’t love the site of her in my truck.

“So what are you hungry for?” I ask.

“I’m thinking barbecue,” she says, shocking me.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a girl admit that she wants barbecue.”

“Glad I’m your first,” she says, flashing me a wicked smile that makes me want to pull the car over and fog the windows up.

Making Headlines by Erin Brown Teaser 2
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