Finding Slope

Finding Slope Teaser Tuesday {2}

Oh, hello.

It’s Tuesday.

Which means that it’s time for another Finding Slope teaser!

*cues disco ball*

I think a lot of ladies (and maybe a few guys) will be able to relate to this one. Anyone ever gotten ridiculously nervous and anxious before a date?

So has Willa.


I check the time and see that I need to start getting ready if Dan is picking me up at seven. I excuse myself from the group as they start talking about their dinner plans, and it isn’t until I’m debating whether to let my hair air dry or if I should blow it out that I become so intensely nervous that my body starts trembling.

I’m going on a date.

With Dan Martin.

In Vail, Colorado.

I suddenly giggle like a maniac before getting control of myself and blow-drying my hair. When I’m finished with that, I go to put on some mascara and can’t because my hand is shaking so hard. I need Ana.

Please feel free to share!
Please feel free to share!

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