Saying Yes

Saying Yes Teaser Tuesday {2}


It’s Tuesday.

Which means it’s time for a new Saying Yes teaser!

This one is from Kip’s perspective. It involves a club and dancing and having mild panic attacks.


I start dancing my way through the throng of people, making my way over to Rufus. When I’m finally close to him, I grab his hand and he, thank God, smiles when he sees it’s me.

“Come on,” I say. “We need to dance.”

I pull him away from the other guy, not caring if I’m being rude. When we’re far enough away, I realize I don’t know how to do this. I have no idea how to dance with a guy I like. Do I face him? Keep my back to him?

I decide it’ll be far too intimate and possibly embarrassing if I face him, so I drop his hand—which, oh my God, I’ve been holding Rufus’s hand this entire time—and begin moving to the beat. Thankfully, I feel Rufus moving behind me. He isn’t directly pressed up against me, but close enough that I can feel his every movement.

Good Lord, it’s hot in here.

I feel Rufus’s hand move, his fingers barely grazing my shoulder, and just that touch sends shivers down my spine despite the heat. Then his hand is at my hip, and I look over my shoulder at him.

There’s something dark yet bright in his eyes, and even though there’s a bit of a sweaty sheen on his brow, he looks damn good. He puts a bit of pressure on my hip, spinning me around to face him.

“Hey,” I say, unsure of what else to do.

“Hi,” he says back, his eyes going to my mouth.

Oh. My. God. He’s going to kiss me.

And that’s when I panic.

Saying Yes Teaser 2


Cover design by Paige Doscher
Cover design by Paige Doscher

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