Taking Flight

Taking Flight: A Visual Guide

While writing Taking Flight, I ended up joining Pinterest.

I didn’t join Pinterest because I was writing TFIt just so happened that I joined while I was writing.


While my main reason for being an (overly) active Pinterest user was more along the vein of CLOTHES! PRETTY THINGS! RECIPES!, I would sometimes happen upon an image or quote that would remind me of my characters or the plot of TF and it always felt like kismet. So, as any good Pinterester does, I made a Taking Flight board so as to collect these things and revisit them from time to time. Particularly when I was having trouble writing a scene or needed some extra motivation.

So today I’m sharing with of all you lovely people some of the things from Pinterest that most inspired me and the book! Have a look and I hope you enjoy!

plane divider


And, of course, the image that would become the cover!



Taking Flight comes out in FIVE DAYS! Ah!

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