Taking Flight

One Month.

Taking Flight has been out for a month!

And, shockingly, more than just my family has bought this book.

Y’all are buying it! And reading it! And letting me know that you enjoyed it!

And I’m so so grateful.

When I set out writing this book, I didn’t know what would happen. I kind of figured I’d get bored writing it and it would remain unfinished, sitting somewhere in an external harddrive.

But that didn’t happen. I finished it. And then attempted to find an agent, but, for several reasons, that didn’t work out.

When I made the decision to self-publish, I knew going in that this would be an uphill battle. I was my own marketing team and publicist and cheerleader. I had to start from nothing and attempt to make enough noise about my book that it would attract some attention and not annoy everyone to death.

(It’s possible I annoyed everyone to death.)

Choosing to publish independently is daunting. And I just. I’m overwhelmed that so many of you are buying the book and telling others about it and asking if there are more books coming.

Y’all are my lifeblood.

So I wanted to take this one month bookaversary and say thank you to everyone who has bought Taking Flight and read it and added it on Goodreads and reviewed it on their blogs or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Y’all are everything. Seriously.

Thank you. So so much. Times infinity.

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