friday things.

friday things

Today I’m introducing a new feature on this here blog: friday things.

On Fridays, I’ll share stuff that I’ve enjoyed this week, be it books, music, photos, TV shows, movies, weird conversations—you get the drift. It’ll be an opportunity for me to share things that have made me smile or brought a little bit of joy into my life with all of you fine folks.

And now *drum roll* . . . here are my Friday Things this week!

Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs.

This book is totally charming and reminded me so much of everything I felt going into my senior year of high school and also reminded me of a camp I ran in college that was for gifted & talented students. It was the best, and so is this book.

Kate Spade Sale.

I might have splurged and bought myself a dress AND a passport holder. Because necessary.

Senegalese Chicken Soup from Hale & Hearty. 

You know, sometimes you just want to eat Senegalese Chicken soup and nothing else. And sometimes you let yourself do that. (No picture included because, well, the pictures of it don’t look all that appetizing. Trust.)


I have decided, perhaps against my better judgement, to catch up on PLL this summer. And maybe start Witches of East End. Because I’ve heard that isn’t awful. And maybe Vikings? Idk. Thoughts?

Drinking Buddies

I watched this on Netflix the other night and really super enjoyed it. Fair warning: it’s a little bit awkward and uncomfortable, but also incredibly charming and genuine and relatable. And it stars a whole bunch of people I generally enjoy watching. That never hurts.

My hilarious dog 


Happy Friday, everyone!

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