friday things.

friday things



This is the most important quiz you will ever take.*
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray


I realize I’m sort of late to the party with this stuff, because I’m kind of cheap and don’t really like spending more than $10 on stuff for my hair. But I went crazy the other day in Sephora and bought the Bumble &  Bumble Surf line in the travel-sized kit they offer. And y’all—it is awesome. Totally worth the money.


Fun nerdy lady clothes! 

I’ve known about Her Universe for awhile now, and randomly checked out the website this week. And there are adorable Doctor Who clothings! Including the fun Eleven Dress above and these amazeballs Tardis-patterned leggings that I desperately need. Right now. I’m ordering them. Je nes pas regrette!

Also, I’m moving to Singapore! 
Yeah. Because life is insane, I’m moving to Singapore later this year. You can read more on that, here, if you feel so inclined.

Happy Friday, everyone!

*I got GILES!!!!! (Yes, this is good news. Obviously. Duh. He is kind of the only answer I would accept.)

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