The Things I Will Do for Buffy.

I’m pretty sure my soul mate is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And this year at San Diego Comic-Con, toy company Funko has an SDCC exclusive Pop Vinyl Buffy figure.


Unfortunately, I’m not at SDCC.

But I know that some of you are.

And I’m hoping that through the magic of the Internet and the kindness of strangers, I might be able to procure one of these preciouses.

So! If you or someone you know is at SDCC and is amenable to purchasing a Buffy Pop Vinyl Figure for me, here is what I will do in return.

  1. Pay you back. With interest. (via PayPal)
  2. Name an awesome character after you in a book. I promise the character will be great. Not annoying, not a mean girl, not a jerk. And I’ll send a signed copy of the page to you so that you can frame it and cherish it and wave it in your houseguests’ faces when they come to visit.
  3. Love you forever.

So, here’s hoping that this works! If you think  you’re the person for the job, PLEASE email me at erinbrownwrites [at] gmail [dot] com or DM me on Twitter (@erinbrownwrites) to let me know you’re on it!

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