friday things.

friday things


1. Love and Other Foreign Words

This book made me all kinds of happy. It’s about a girl who is a genius and, in the wake of her sister’s engagement and general teenage hormones kicking in, is attempting to understand love. It’s deeply funny and smart (obis) and full of characters that you want to hang out with and adopt as your own family. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it!

2. Maddie and Tae


Edit: The video was just released by NPR! It doesn’t disappoint.

3. Andy Samberg + Jon Snow + Amy Pond

All of the above folks plus many others are going to be in an HBO mockumentary about tennis. I know NOTHING about tennis, but I know I will watch the hell out of this.

4. Game of Thrones Emoji! 

I will use Hodor ALL THE TIME. And Dany has a little dragon on her shoulder!


PSA: I have a new Facebook page! Like it, share it, spread the love! (If you feel so inclined. No pressure. This is a pressure free zone. *stares until it’s uncomfortable*)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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