friday things.

friday things



1. Pretty Dancey 

This is perfect. (And yes, I am a serious dance addict. Which isn’t the same as being a bunhead. Is there a word for people who love watching dance?)

2. Misty Copeland’s Under Armour Commercial

Werk, girl.

3. McAlister’s Sweet Tea

It’s just so delicious. And they’ve gotten smart and are selling $8 Tumblers that you can bring in and have refilled for $1.00. Which means that soon all of the water in my body will actually be sweet tea.

Also, it’s August!

I’m pretty sure August is going to shape up to be pretty exciting! Guardians of the Galaxy is out! New Doctor Who is coming! And, maybe I’ll have an announcement of my own coming this month. Hooray August!

And, of course, happy Friday everyone!

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