Time for #PitMad!: An Explanation and a Request

So, because I’m insane, I’m participating in something called Pitch Madness on Twitter today.

Yes, the day after I released Finding Slope. Hence, the insane thing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pitch Madness, it’s a Twitter event for authors looking for literary agents. You pitch your manuscript in 140 characters using the hashtag “PitMad,” and if an agent likes your pitch, they favorite your tweet to let you know that they’d like for you to send them a full submission. This does not mean that you immediately have representation, just that an agent might be interested in representing you.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll get zero favorites. But I figure that I should try rather than not try, you know?

Which means that I am going to be SUPER ANNOYING on Twitter today. From 8AM to 8PM EST, I’ll be tweeting out my pitch a couple times an hour—please be kind and don’t unfollow me because of this. I’m just trying to get an agent, not purposefully spamming the hell out of you.

Additionally, unless you are a literary agent, please don’t favorite any of the pitch tweets—if you’d like to retweet them to show your support, that would be amazing. But favoriting the tweets if you’re not an agent will just complicate things in the long run and give me false hope. So, retweet! Retweet your heart out! But please don’t favorite.

And, for curious minds, I’m not pitching the Taking Flight series. It’s something totally separate and stand-alone and in the YA category. You can check out the pitch tweets for more info on that. 🙂

Okay, that’s it! The more you know and all that!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! If you haven’t picked up Finding Slope yet, REMEDY THAT! 😉

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