friday things

friday things.

friday things


I got out of the habit of doing these little weekly round-ups over the holidays, which was stupid. So I’m reviving it. BEHOLD, the things I liked this week.

“Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt

I’m in love with this song and have been for months now. In fact, it’s worth your time to give it a listen, sans video because the video will totally influence the way you think about the song if you haven’t heard it first. Anyhoodle, when the video came out, I jumped on it and it WAS NOT AT ALL what I was expecting. But I love it so much more—I’d never thought of the song meaning something that wasn’t strictly romantic, and the fact that Sam Hunt used it as a platform to talk about domestic violence makes me weepy in the best way. Sam Hunt, you’re the best.

Marvel + Welcome to Nightvale

This is making my life right now.

Barely Lethal

The first book I ever tried to write was basically this plot line. And now I’m mad at myself for never finishing it because if I had, I’d be Scrooge McDucking into piles of film licensing money. UGH.

George R.R. Martin is Skipping SDCC to Finally Finish Writing The Winds of Winter.

This news is the best news.

This Buzzfeed article is my life.

And it has introduced me to my new favorite gif: angry cartoon Lizzie McGuire.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!

Bookishly yours,

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