friday things

friday things.

friday things

Did any of you have ANY IDEA AT ALL that Sir Davos from Game of Thrones is the same person as Captain Crewe in the heart-achingly beautiful, will-make-you-cry-your-eyes-out film A Little Princess?! Because I didn’t and I actually screamed aloud when I found out.

After seeing the NPR Weekend Edition headline “Swordswoman, Opera Singer, Runaway” we probably all want to read Goddess by Kelly Gardiner, right?

On that note (and also from my beloved NPR), FEMINIST COMIC BOOK AHOY! I recommend listening to the story for a super smart discussion about women in the comics industry as well as women who read comics.

The Fiancé and I watched A Long Way Down on Netflix recently and found it absurdly charming.

I have not watched Miss Fisher’s Mysteries yet, but have heard many wonderful things about it (I think first from Linda Holmes during an episode of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour) and this list of things Mallory Ortberg has yelled at her TV while watching it makes me want to GET ON THAT TRAIN REAL BAD.

Also at The Toast (and from, like back in September, oops) is Nicole Cliffe’s Ode to Leslie Odom Jr and Hamilton, which I’m just devoting my life to at this point. Listening to the cast recording gives me intense New York feels and panders to the American history degree holding side of myself. Because I don’t live in NYC anymore and can’t rush the show every damn day, I’ve watched the CBS Sunday Morning piece about it, like, twenty times. No kidding.

Here’s an uplifting story: the Harvard Debate Team LOST to a team full of prison inmates

Also uplifting: Cards Against Humanity is funding a full tuition scholarship for an undergraduate woman who wants to study science, engineering, or math.

Some hero genius calculated how much money Jim spent pranking Dwight on The Office.

Um, y’all? Mariah Carey is directing and starring in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. It’s currently filming in Cincinnati.

I have always liked raccoons (they are sneaky thieves who are attracted to the shiny!) and am officially obsessed with Pumpkin the Raccoon who lives in the Bahamas with her people and her dog.

YOU CAN BUY NEW ENGLAND AUTUMN LEAVES FOR $20. I actually clicked through to see how much it would be to ship to Singapore before Fiancé said, “You are not spending $20 on three leaves” to which I gave him wicked side-eye and then said, “UGH, FINE”.

I love Josh Ritter’s music—so much so that I put discussions of it in Taking Flightand he has a new album coming out soon and you can stream it on NPR Music right now right now right now. And! The 1975 has a (very Bowie sounding) new single out! Maybe this means I’ll finally start listening to something other than Hamilton? Maybe?

Happy Friday, everyone!


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