friday things

friday things.

friday things



Related: all Mallory Ortberg wants from the revival is for Emily to be a late-in-life lesbian and now that is all that I want*. Lorelai would approve after her shock wore off.
*This isn’t true. I want some serious rewriting of Lane Kim’s season 7 plot line. And I want Luke and Lorelai to still be together. And I want Miss Patty to be mayor. And I want Sookie and Jackson and Kirk and The Troubadour to be around. And I want so many things for Rory. But not one of those things is Logan.

AND! Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore herself!) is writing the script for the movie adaptation of The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (my beloved Fug Girls) and Mae Whitman is going to star as Bex!!!!!!!!!

AND AND! FOX is working on a ballet show! Inspired by Misty Copeland!

Taylor Swift’s “Style” and One Direction’s “Perfect” playing at the same time pleases me. (Harry Styles clearly wrote “Perfect” while listening to “Style.” I hope “Style” is his ringtone.)

Other Swifty-related things: the GQ cover story about her is written by Chuck effing Klosterman (whose words I love to read in any format) and the video of her and Ryan Adams discussing 1989 is, well, it’s yes. It’s a whole bunch of yes.

I loved this Jezebel piece about Drake, titled Drake is the Biggest Dork in Hip Hop and He Knows It.

Sexy Gandalf!

There’s a Hairpin piece this week about an episode of Buffy, so of course I’m linking to it. (Buffy4Lyfe!)

I enjoy public transit and I enjoy libraries and I deeply enjoy when trains and libraries are one and the same.

This story about the excavation of the set from Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments has everything—intense paranoia, intense curiosity, anonymous donors, a sudden lack of money from the anonymous donor, and a sense of dread about something kind of inane disappearing forever. But more than that, I love that there’s an ENTIRE FREAKING SET of FREAKING EGYPT buried in California because Cecil B. DeMille didn’t want anyone else using his ridiculously expensive set.


Guys. There is nothing I love more than art scandals/heists. But this group protesting Renoir’s place in art history/museums because they don’t like his art amuses me for a variety of reasons.

I deeply enjoy Book Riot’s piece on Irene Adler and which real lady Arthur Conan Doyle may have based the character on. It involves many a royal scandal. Enjoy!

Here is a video of Tom Hiddleston sitting down and making endearingly awkward yet congenial faces at the camera. You’re welcome.

Happy Friday!

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Cover design by Paige Doscher.

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