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friday things

friday things


Hey, this is a nice, uplifting story to start off 2016: Young adults have created fancy temporary housing for homeless young adults.

If you weren’t already excited about watching foxy Aaron Tveit play sort-of-creepy Danny Zuko in a musical about how a girl has to dress in a cat suit and start smoking to make it socially acceptable for her to date the boy she wants to date (he does, admittedly, try to change for her), then get excited because BOYZ II MEN ARE SINGING BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT.

This was published back in September, but I’m just now seeing it and sharing it because these cheap girlfriend getaways (all in the U.S.) are fab. And because it’s never to early to plan a fun trip.

This genius called Luke Danes’ number (which is given out in a Season 5 episode of Gilmore Girls) and recounted the thrilling experience for all of our reading pleasure.

loved this piece about the importance of John Williams and his scores. I have to note, because I’m a massive nerd, that I love reading pieces about music because musical words sound like music: melody, triad, dissonance, diatonic, harmony. Le sigh.

I super enjoyed this piece about visiting the Jane Austen Centre, the confines of the world of Jane Austen, how Mr. Darcy has been absurdly misconstrued throughout pop culture and how all of Austen’s women characters are amazing amazing amazing pieces of literary perfection.

Happy Friday!

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