friday things

friday things.

friday things


HAMILTON VALENTINES!!!!!! These are so good. I particularly love the “with the comma after dearest” one. And the “fully armed battalion” one. Obvs.

Here is quiz that will help you determine what percentage Muggle you are. I am 10% Muggle, which seems about right. Me and Hermione, holdin’ it down.

This is an excellent list of 30 Things Every Grown-Ass Woman Needs in Her Apartment. I am pleased to say I have 21 of 30! Nearly a grown-ass woman!

There was a parade in New Orleans in honor of David Bowie, led by Preservation Hall Jazz Band and hosted by Win Butler and Regine Chassagne from Arcade Fire. This just seems right. You can read all about it, as well as in-depth info about the super interesting NOLA tradition of funerary parades and second lines.

ere’s a political thing that won’t make your head hurt: a website dedicated to hot heads of state, with a special on hot historical U.S. presidents.

*NSYNC SINGING “THAT THING YOU DO”. Like, not recently. In 1999 or something. It’s wonderful.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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