friday things

friday things.

friday things


First off, let’s get in formation. If you aren’t familiar with Wildabeast Adams’ choreo, take a deep dive into the YouTube. You’re welcome.

And if you haven’t watched fantastic gymnast Sophie De Jesus’s hip hop-infused gymnastics floor routine, stop what you’re doing and watch.

My home region of Northwest Arkansas (I mean, I live in Singapore. But NWA is where I was raised) made this year’s Lonely Planet Best in the U.S.! You should go and see it!

Buzzfeed put together a one question quiz that will give you the Gilmore Girls quote your heart needs right now.

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, there is crazy casting news this week: all of Rory’s exes will be back (!!!!!!), as will basically the rest of the cast. Also, Sutton Foster. Let’s hope she plays Emily’s (Or Paris’s! Or Rory’s!) lesbian lover.

Based solely on these Lip Sync Battle teaser clips, I totally ship Nina Dobrev and Tim Tebow.

Want to hear about something cool? This piece from Quartz is all about membership libraries.

Here’s some straight up truth from Jezebel: My Spotify Discover Weekly Thinks I’m A Garbage Person. SO SAY WE ALL. (Except I disagree with her about Pentatonix. I love me some Pentatonix.)

Shameless plug: I’m participating in #authorlifemonth on Instagram. Follow me @erinbrownwrites to see what I’m up to. Or don’t. Whatever.

Happy Friday, everyone!!

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