friday things

friday things.

friday things

James Corden is so charming that he even makes Justin Bieber charming. He should be the Biebs’s life coach. He can start by getting Biebs to shave that ridiculous fuzz of a goatee. Also, Sia might be great.

Am I bizarrely enthused about Josh Bowman playing Jack the Ripper in a time-travel TV show about H.G. Wells? Yes. Yes I am.

Akin to last week’s news about my hometown being deemed cool by Lonely Planet, Food & Wine has deemed a lager made in my hometown one of the best American lagers! Bonus: the brewery’s mascot is a dachsund. Also, let the record show that I knew my hometown was cool before it was cool.

I deeply loved this Huffington Post piece about how it is totally, completely fine—and can be really fun!—to do things alone. I love going to the movies alone. And shopping alone. I don’t even mind eating alone so long as I have a book.

Then again, I probably love doing things alone because I am an extroverted introvert.

Some terrible person in Hollywood decided it’s high time to remake Mary Poppins even though it is perfect how it is, but I must accept this as A Thing, and ponder along with Entertainment Weekly: BUT WHO WILL PLAY BURT. They propose a whole bunch of people I don’t think would be good enough, with the exception of Oscar Isaac, who is perfect and can do whatever the hell he wants, in my opinion. It has to be someone crazy charming, who can do a passable Cockney accent, sing, and dance on a rooftop with a broom. Skylar Astin? Jeremy Jordan? Matt Smith (Can he sing and dance? I assume he probably can?)? Rupert Grint? JONATHAN GROFF? TOM HIDDLESTON?! JAMES CORDEN?!?!?!?! I should obviously be a casting director. Dear Hollywood, Hire Me.

A copyeditor at the New Yorker copyedited a ridiculous statement Donald Trump sent out and it is everything.

This is fun: Forever Young Adult created a The Royal We-inspired cocktail!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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