friday things

friday things.

friday things

Let’s start with the hard stuff: Super Tuesday is next week in the U.S., and, guys, if you are an American over the age of 18, YOU NEED TO GO VOTE. Especially if you are a Millennial (even if you don’t like being called a Millennial), especially if you are a single woman, and especially if you don’t want horrifying garbage person Donald Trump to clench the Republican nomination to be the next freaking president of the United States. If you are going to vote for horrifying garbage person Donald Trump, I hope you have thought long and hard about this decision and truly want to vote for him. I don’t understand you, but I hope you understand you and his beliefs and know that you agree with him. If you are undecided about horrifying garbage person Donald Trump, please watch this video from an American citizen of Mexican descent.

I’m still completely shocked about the judge’s verdict in Kesha’s injuction hearing against Dr. Luke, and Lena Dunham’s essay about why this is a BFD is very worth your time.

In case you ever wondered about Gordon Ramsay’s thoughts on America’s Treasured Girl Scout cookies, they are not positive.

I love this piece in the New York Times: Why Do We Teach Girls That It’s Cute To Be Scared?

I’m really into this trend: super savvy Americans are moving to Europe so that can go to college for cheap/free.

This is curious: jet fuel costs are down and air fare is rising. *side eyes airlines*

Okay. Palate cleanser time. Look at this piglet and her puppy friend!

One palate cleanser wasn’t enough? Watch this baby polar bear grow up! 

You know what a great, neutral topic is? Fixer Upper. A lady who was on the show chatted with Pop Sugar about her experience. Spoiler: you don’t get to keep the furniture (unless you buy it).

This made me laugh: Every NYC Romantic Comedy is Full of Shit in the Exact Same Way.

Smithsonian Mag has a great piece about Elizabeth Hamilton and why she is deserving of her own musical.

Speaking of Hamilton, remember last week when I tried to cast the new Burt in the new Mary Poppins? It looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda has been tapped!

And, finally, read this piece about amazing ballet dancer and choreographer Justin Peck. I was lucky enough to see two of his ballets (Year of the Rabbit and Everywhere We Go) when I was living in NYC and if you can ever catch one of his pieces, do it do it do it. His most recent, The Most Incredible Thing, looks amazing.

Happy Friday, everyone!




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