friday things

friday things.

First things first: if you haven’t visited Evie Seo’s Society6 page yet, do so now. If you are anything like me, you’ll be purchasing something. (I purchased three somethings. This. And this. And this.)

In a stroke of brilliance, Clark Gregg and British Goddess Hayley Atwell are going to face-off on Lip Sync Battle. If you haven’t seen their dubsmash wars, WATCH THEM IMMEDIATELY.

This New Yorker piece about Ibtihaj Mohammad, who will complete for the U.S. Olympic fencing team this year, is fantastic, but also will make you cry at your desk. Be warned.

The new 1975 album is on Spotify! And is also available for purchase at all the usual places. So, if you like what you hear, buy. Support those dudes. (Guys, there is a song called “She’s American” and YES.)

There’s an app to help ladies find new BFFs. I love this.

Another thing I love? This piece from NPR about The Motion Picture and Television Fund retirement community.

Tom Hiddleston would like to be James Bond, and, y’all. Just close your eyes and picture it. It’s a good picture, yeah? Yeah.

Although, anytime I think of James Bond, I also think about the AMAZING Wikipedia article(brought to my attention via that glorious online outlet, The Toast) about actors who have been considered and rejected to play Bond. There is so! much! amazing! shade!

This is awesome: a nine-year-old girl is building mobile homes for homeless people and has a garden where she grows them food. GOALS, AMIRITE? If you’d like to help, you can donate to her GoFundMe page or purchase materials from her Amazon registry.

In Harry Potter news, Ms. Rowling has written a series of stories about the North American magical community. ALSO, it looks like The Wizarding World miiiiiight be hosting a Yule Ball. LET’S ALL FIND DURMSTRANGS AND GO.

I haven’t read this yet, but Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Maldovsky sounds really freaking fun. Also, she loves Buffy! #oneofus

Speaking of Buffy, the show premiered 19 years ago (GAH!) this week. Our Lady of Sunnydale posted a very night Instagram post about the anniversary.

Happy Friday!

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