friday things

saturday things.

First things first: Prince Harry did an interview with Robin Roberts for Good Morning America, and he talks about the Invictus Games and his work with Senebale and about how he wants kids and about his mom. I got teary.

Another thing that made me teary: the letter the mother of a child with cancer wrote to J.K. Rowling. It is everything.


Regarding a very different genre of music, I really enjoyed this NPR piece about the laid-back, low-key sound revolution happening in country music right now.

Here’s a bunch of amazingly talented ladies tapping to “Formation”.

Entertainment Weekly has an excerpt of Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Mist and Fury on their website!!!!! If you pre-order, you can send your receipt to the nice people at Bloomsbury and they will send you a tote bag. I have obviously done this because I love tote bags. And Sarah J. Maas.

Josh Hutcherson is in a DJ Snake music video where he plays a face paint-wearing, lacrosse stick-holding super hero. Sort of.

More news, different Josh. If you’re a West Wing person (I’m not, but The Fiancé is), Josh Molina is doing an episodic podcast about it.

Jay Z requested a “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hat from John Oliver. *heart eyes*

This Buzzfeed piece from Kristin Chirico about wedding dress shopping is great. It includes this: “it was so beautiful that I was literally just twirling in circles while cursing” which is the best description of finding your dress because that is exactly what I did.

As if I could ignore all the Hamilton stuff this week. The lovely people of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast went to see Hamilton and talked about it for a very delightful hour. And the cast popped by the White House to perform some of the songs from the show. You can watch two of those songs (and eyeball Daveed Diggs) here. And then Lin-Manuel Miranda did freestyle rapping with President Obama in the Rose Garden, and then again with Emma Watson, who beatboxed. He and Emma also sorted historical figures that appear in Hamilton into Hogwarts houses.

Happy weekend!

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