friday things

friday things.

Super exciting couple alert: Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington are finally finally finally publicly together. Though it is absolutely none of my business, this makes me incredibly happy.

Let us all watch Daisy Ridley and John Boyega rap about Star Wars, with bonus clip of Oscar Isaac dancing. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THESE PERFECT PEOPLE?

There’s going to be a production of The Little Mermaid at Hollywood Bowl this summer and it stars girl crush Sara Bareilles as Ariel (!!!!!) and girl crush Rebel Wilson as Ursula (!!!!!!) and TITUS BURGESS as Sebastian (!!!!!!!!!!!) and if Anna Kendrick does not make a cameo I will be so pissed.

The version of Sesame Street that airs in Afghanistan has added a female character named Zari who promotes female empowerment and it’s very possible I cried when I read this.

Tom Waits is going to be in a new Hulu show and I AM HERE FOR IT. Note: I am always here for all things Tom Waits. I cherish him.

I have not actually listened to this yet, but I have heard great things about radio documentary What The Hell Happened in East New York.


Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the new Black Panther comic for Marvel and I believe the first issue is out now. His interview with NPR about the comic is fantastic.

Also, the first four chapters of my new writing endeavor, Courting Royal, an unedited, adult, royal romance that is unedited and that I’m publishing serially, are up on Wattpad for your reading pleasure.

Happy Friday everyone!


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